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Awesome apps and handy tips

By Staff | Nov 21, 2013

For this issue, I found some awesome apps and tips that can come in real handy.

First of all, I want to thank all the people who greet me on the street and tell me how nice it is to read my articles in the Lahaina News, and I want to thank Mark, the editor, for giving me the space in his paper. I’ll try hard to keep everyone updated on the newest products and important issues that come out daily.

Windows 8, which most people come to love or hate, has a new free upgrade called Windows 8.1 that puts the Start button back on and a few other Band-Aids. But you can’t upgrade if you have Windows 8.0 Pro or Windows 8.0 Enterprise already on your computer.

To remove the new MacDefender and MacSecurity virus that just came out, affecting the Apple laptops and desktops, launch Safari, select Preferences, General and un-check the Open Safe Files After Downloading box. Then check your App Folder for any MacSecurity or MacDefender apps and delete them. Also delete any Downloads with the .mpkg file extension and empty the Trash.

You can now tell Siri to “Turn on Blue Tooth or WiFi,” or make your screen brighter.

Here are seven tips to save battery life: 1) Turn off WiFi Searching to Join Networks; 2) Turn off Location Services in Privacy; 3) Turn off Reduce Motion in General, Accessibility; 4) Turn off Background App Refresh in General, Accessibility; 5) Turn Auto Brightness off; 6) Set Auto Lock to one minute; 7) Turn on Airplane Mode to charge faster.

You have to get this new app called Facetune. You can make yourself look 20 years younger. I’m now getting ten new marriage proposals a day from women at Match.com.

Create Custom Vibrations for friends or individuals by going to Settings, Sounds, Ringtone, Vibration, Custom, Create New Vibrations. Now you can set your friendly Bill Collector or Car REPO Man to vibrate an S.O.S. – then you won’t have to answer them.

You can use your Flashlight for the same alerts by going to Settings, General, Accessibility, then scroll down and turn on LED for Flash Alerts.

Did you know that you can undo a deleted e-mail with a shake?

Get this: Yahoo is giving its mail users a whopping 1 TB of storage space, and the FAA is letting you use your electronic devices on take off and landing (except no phone calls, but you could use Skype).

LIMA is a new device that stores all your data, music and pics, and lets a laptop, desktop, iPhone or iPad access all the data and make changes. This is going to really take off. Get more information for this great product by Googling it.

Get unlimited e-books from Oyster for a subscription of only $9.95.

A new app called BUBBLI will simply blow you away. Hold your iPhone in Landscape Mode, keep it level and twist it up and down while turning a complete circle. Once finished and compiled, your video is a 360-degree panoramic by holding your iPhone and not moving it – just spin around and watch the picture turn with you. This is the best app I’ve ever seen.

I just received the new gold iPhone 5s today. The slow motion video mode will change your life forever. Also, the fingerprint button can be used to purchase iTunes music, apps and videos instead of typing in your password.

Here is one last important trick for the new IOS7 update on the iPhone and iPad. To free up all your background apps, double-click the Home Button; you will see all the open apps. To close them, just place your finger on the bottom of an app and scroll up. After it disappears, the next app automatically slides into place, and do the same. Until next time, enjoy!

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