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Where LIS ranks in the Strive HI School Performance Index

By Staff | Oct 17, 2013

Lahaina Intermediate Renaissance last week announced the Students and Staff of the Month for September: (from left) seventh-graders Armani Treu and David Tuipulotu, eighth-grader Saira Bigornia, Anthony Griffith (nominated by staff), sixth-grader Kai Bookland, Jacob Baum (nominated by the students), sixth-grader Anjanette Aveeno and eighth-grader Jacob Ramelb.

LAHAINA – Aloha! We are at the end of the first quarter of this school year. Everyone is happy and relieved. We hope you all enjoy the Fall Intersession and have lots of outdoor fun. Run around, scream at the top of your lungs, frolic in the waves. Whatever activity you enjoy, do it! Enjoy… but please be safe.

When we all return, we will continue to work on common core standards. The English classes are using the SpringBoard common core curriculum approved by the state Department of Education. Training and plans to implement are complete. Beginning second quarter, all English classes will teach to the common core standards. This is a very exciting change. It is rigorous and connected to real world situations.

As stated in our September parent message, I will explain the new StriveHI School Performance Index. As I shared last month, Lahaina Intermediate School’s status is in the Continuous Improvement range in which state interventions and involvement are low. I will break down the different areas in which we are rated. In the middle level, four focus areas are made up of weighted indicator points that are tallied to a total that becomes our school’s Index Score: 165.

There are four areas being measured by weighted points: Student Achievement weighted at 25 percent, Growth at 45 percent, Readiness at 15 percent and Gap at 15 percent.

It is a bit complicated, so I will share the first two areas of focus during this message and explain the last two areas in November.

Student Achievement includes the percent of students who met proficiency in Reading (65 percent), Math (51 percent) and Science (6 percent) on the Hawaii State Assessment (HSA). The total weighted point in the Student Achievement area is 48 out of 100.

Student Growth Percentile (SGP) looks at the total improvement all students made in the HSA. The median of growth points is what’s being measured. If you were to line up all students according to the amount of points in which they improved in the HSA, from the least amount of improvement to the most improvement, and move toward the center of that line, the student who is standing smack, middle in the line becomes the representative of the student growth median. In Reading, the SGP was 54; in Math, the SGP was 53. The total weighted points in the Student Growth section is 90 out of 180 points.

Be on the lookout next month, when I explain the second half of the Strive HI Performance Index in the areas of Readiness and Achievement Gap Reduction. Have a great intersession. IMUA!