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More really cool apps

By Staff | Sep 26, 2013

Here are two super, really cool apps that I recommend. The first one is vividHRD – another camera app, but this one shoots three shots really fast and gives you some cool options. The final photo will blow your mind.

The second is my favorite; it’s a video app called Videon that let’s you zoom in while filming. The quality is amazing.

Be careful locking your car with a remote. Thieves have a new device that can pick up your frequency while locking your car. The best way is to manually push the lock button down if you have valuable stuff in your car.

Watch out for another scam representing that they are a UPS manager, and they can’t deliver your package because it contains contaminated materials. Don’t open it!

I love the calendar app on my iPhone and use it daily. The best feature about it is copying a phone number to it, then being able to click on it later and automatically dial that phone number.

Here is how it works: after you hang up from a call, reopen the phone app and go to “recents.” Click on the blue arrow of the number you want to copy to your calendar. A screen pops up with a black telephone number. Hold your finger on the number, and it turns blue with a copy sign above it. Click on “copy.” Now open up your calendar and click on the + sign. In the title space, you can type in the person’s name. Now click on “location” below it and press your finger on the blank space until “paste” shows up. Click on “paste.” The next time you open up the calendar, the telephone number displays as blue. Click on it, and it will automatically dial that person. After you get this down – which takes a couple of seconds – you’ll find this invaluable.

Most people add these numbers to their contacts app. Eventually, you have 326 contacts to scroll through just to find that person you only want to talk to once in your life. It becomes a waste of space and time. Calendar “mo bettah.”

Another cool feature is the search that finds things in your calendar, notes, phone and more. On the home page, just swipe to the right, and a black screen opens up. At the top, try typing in a recent phone number, for example, and search will take you to that day in your calendar that the call was made and the person’s name in the title box.

Okay, we’re gonna end with some more cool apps. Want a good weather app? Try Weatherbug or the Weather Channel app.

How about trying on 50 different pairs of sunglasses using an app that takes a picture of your front and two sides of your face, then magically places on it a pair of sunglasses that you choose? Cool huh? Try and download the app called Glasses.

That’s about it for now. In the next issue, I’ll give you some good tips using your Mac and a few myths that we’re going to bust apart.

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