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New app can help you locate missing keys

By Staff | Aug 15, 2013

In this issue, we’re gonna first look at downloading programs from different websites that put weird stuff on your computer.

Have you noticed that after downloading a program that you have all these new pop-up programs that you’ve never seen before?

The trick is to watch out for the small boxes that are checked while visiting a website. If you leave them checked, it will automatically download and install these unwanted programs. You need to un-check each box as you navigate to the next page.

If you get an e-mail from FedEx telling you that your package can’t be delivered because it contains forbidden material, don’t open it up (the message, that is).

When my customers have laptops that won’t power up and no lights turn on, I’ll take them over to Paul at the Discount Plus store right near Ace Hardware. This guy is amazing! He troubleshoots video chips and circuit boards, and handles a soldering iron like Jimi Hendrix playing a guitar. He’s a real computer surgeon.

I just ordered a product called The Tile, since I keep losing my keys, iPhone and my car. This amazing product the size of a postage stamp snaps on to anything. Your iPhone app locates it.

Best yet, if you lose your bike, other Tile users are alerted and can call you up and let you know that your neighbor’s kid borrowed it for a week.

Check out the new Amber Alert and Emergencies Alert notifications under settings, general, notifications, government alerts on your iPhone. You can’t turn off the government alerts, which alerted me after Tropical Storm Flossie passed. Thanks!

The SuperScanner App ($9.99) lets you listen to police, fire and aircraft emergency frequencies. It’s the best one out there.

Firefox 23, the new updated browser, will block “man-in-the-middle” attacks – unwanted pop-up programs – while visiting https:// sites.

Did you know that the Apple earplug’s volume control button can be used to snap a picture on the iPhone and iPad?

Wanna have some fun? Stick your iPhone in your shirt pocket turned on, pretend like you have a bad case of dandruff, and press the headset volume button to take a shot or video.

The Audio 3-D Player Headphones HD 7.1 App makes music sound like you’re in a room – really cool.

The SnappyCam Pro App takes rapid, 20-frame shots in one second – great for sporting events.

Lumosity, the brain-enhancing app with games to strengthen your cognitive activities, will give your brain an amazing workout.

The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner lets you make pictures out of your old negatives.

BearExtender plugs into a USB port on a laptop and will give you a 70 percent increase in WiFi signal.

Camera+ has added a new feature on their app Layers. You can put a picture on top or blend it onto another pic.

You can Google most of these products and search the App Store for the rest.

Well, that’s all, folks. ‘Til next time…

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