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Windows 8.1 on the horizon

By Staff | Jul 25, 2013

For all you frustrated Windows 8 users, I have some good news. Microsoft finally admitted that they blew it developing Windows 8 with all those square blocks and 25 mouse moves that nobody understands. They announced a new operating system called Windows 8.1 that’s supposed to look and operate like Windows XP and Windows 7.

But don’t hold your breath – we will maybe see it in October or November.

Meanwhile, the big roar is Apple’s iOS 7 for the new iPhone 5 coming out soon with a 12-megapixel camera and video with zoom capabilities. A lot more cool stuff will be added on.

A new app called Instashare will copy files between mobile devices quickly and painlessly. It copies any file from one iPhone to another iPhone or iPad over WiFi or Bluetooth without a direct connection to the Internet. I tried it, and it worked flawlessly.

Microsoft Word is now available for $9.99 a month. You can sign up with a subscription.

Intel, the chip-maker, has launched its “Clover Trail” Atom system-on-a-chip, which can provide longer battery life. Later this year, Intel will launch its “Bay Trail” Atom chips, which promise even better performance and battery life. You won’t have to recharge your new iPhone two times a day anymore.

Finally, AT&T is giving us FaceTime over cellular without being on a tiered data plan or grandfathered on an unlimited plan. I can even call up a Verizon iPhone user, talk and experience live video while drinking a beer on the beach.

A new time-lapse app called Thalia Lapse HD/R is really cool. Connect your iPhone to its power source, set it up in any old place, start the app and walk away. Come back ten hours later, or longer, and be amazed to watch your neighbor reaching over the fence to steal your mangos.

The Yelp app today issued an update that now enables users to order food from within the Yelp app itself. The feature, however, isn’t yet live in every city; it will be starting out in San Francisco exclusively before rolling out to additional locations in the coming weeks.

Get the new Google app with 3-D cities and more. It’s the best app out there.

Olloclip enhances digital photography with a clip-on lens solution that features a macro lens, a fisheye lens and a wide-angle lens.

A new cloud storage file-sharing service called Mega is coming soon. Mega offers users 50 GB of free storage right off the bat.

Here is an app everyone needs. Lemon Wallet stores pics of your credit cards and IDs.

One last trick: if your home button has a hard time working, just press and hold it while rotating your device 180 degrees. Next, remove your background programs by double-clicking the home button until your background apps appear on the bottom and start to giggle, then click on the red “X” to remove them. Until next time…

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