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Love Your Smile with Dr. Sujata Bhatia

By Staff | Jun 6, 2013


My 14-year-old daughter needs to have her teeth straightened, but she is afraid of the molding process. Are there other options?

Kihei-Lahaina Orthodontics has acquired the revolutionary Itero Digital Impression Photo Scanner. This orthodontic imaging scanner not only eliminates the uncomfortable, gagging sensation typically associated with traditional dental impressions, it also ensures a more accurate impression, and orthodontic device fabrication, resulting in improved orthodontic treatment.

Kihei-Lahaina Orthodontics is proud to be the only orthodontic office in Maui County offering this groundbreaking treatment option.

One of the most important aspects of Invisalign treatment is to create an accurate representation of the teeth. In the past, messy putty impressions were the only option for providing an image of the teeth to the Invisalign manufacturers.

Now, the Itero Scanner offers superior quality digital impressions in just minutes with no distortion and completely eliminates the need for messy, uncomfortable traditional putty impressions.

By simply moving the scanner camera over a patient’s teeth, Dr. Bhatia receives a detailed readout of the teeth and the bite.

This three-dimensional image is used to diagnose and plan treatment, and show patients a simulation of what their teeth would look like when straight.

The image can be e-mailed nearly instantaneously to have Invisalign aligners, braces and other orthodontic devices fabricated. The Itero Scanner is a digital photo scanner, not an X-ray.

“We strive to provide our patients with the best that orthodontic technology can offer, and I have been exceedingly pleased with how the scanner enhances my diagnostic and treatment ability, as well as patient comfort,” said Dr. Bhatia.

At Kihei-Lahaina Orthodontics, Dr. Bhatia “Builds kindness… one smile at a time.” She has completed two full years of specialty training in orthodontics after obtaining her degrees in Pediatric Dentistry and General Dentistry. As always, Dr. Bhatia is happy to answer any additional questions; e-mail them to her at sb@KiheiOrthodonticsmaui.com.