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Tips to keep your data safe

By Staff | Mar 14, 2013

In this issue, you’ll discover more tips for security and some really awesome apps.

What happens if you lose your iPhone with important data on it? If you’re password protected, sleep may come easy tonight.

Many people ask if websites are secure enough to use your credit cards. NO! You could get hacked going to a website using a browser like Safari, Firefox or Google. But it you download the Amazon app, for example, you’re safe; same goes for the E-Bay app and your credit card and bank card apps.

It’s very important to log out each time! Don’t just turn off your computer, iPhone or iPad when the site is still open – someone could find and open up your device, then get your data.

Also remember to turn off your Bluetooth, especially in airports. Anyone within 30 feet can steal your data.

Be careful when downloading free apps. The vender can use your phone to get information, run scams and spam thousands of people.

Be sure to delete all e-mails with sensitive data like passwords and bank account numbers.

Starfish has a new smart watch coming out soon; on it, you can get incoming calls, texts and stock market updates. The price is $169.

Here are cool shortcuts using your keyboard: Control+p = print, and Control+s = save.

Need to send large files or a bunch of photos? Three popular sites will get the job done for you: Dropbox, WikiSend and Senduit.

Wifi slow? Movies buffering every two minutes? Encrypt your router with a password, because neighbors could be using it – that will slow it down.

Want to synchronize your iPad to other computers? Use the app iPad Transfer. Now you can free up more space by moving your photos off your iPhone.

All OSX users should update to Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.149. You can download this latest version from the Adobe Flash Player Download Center.

Turn off those annoying notifications on your Mac. To do this, simply press the Option key and click on the Notification Center icon at the far right end of the menu bar. The icon turns gray to indicate that those banners, sounds and alerts are no longer on.

Rabbit Video and Screen Sharing is coming soon to Mac users, so watch out Skype and Facebook.

When using Siri, say the word “remember” instead of “remind me,” and Siri won’t ask for a time and date to post it.

Want a good picture app? Picframe lets you place your photos in many styles of frames. You can crop them, too.

Bitemyapple.com is an online storefront for Apple kick starter projects. In other words, this store will let you look at the new inventions for iPhones, iPads and computers. If you like what you see, you can invest money in the company and receive the first released product.

Enjoy and be safe!

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