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Learn about awesome apps on the Apple Byte blog

By Staff | Jan 31, 2013

Are you ready to cut the cable or pull out the phone cord? Many people are disconnecting both and using their cellular 4G network to get on the Internet.

With 4G, you can surf the Internet and watch movies and TV shows without all those boring commercials.

But if you want the fastest speed, Roadrunner tops them all. Buying the new Cisco AC wireless routers, you can download movies at 1.3 gigabytes versus the old N routers with speeds of 450 megabytes.

Google has started using fiber optics for its Internet in Kansas City and will spread across the country. This will likely put the nail in the coffin for cable and phone. You may see smoke coming out of your keyboard.

Windows 8 is now on all the new computers, and people are confused and very unhappy with this new complicated system. There are ways to get back to XP or Win 7, and I’ve been reinstalling both systems for people who don’t want Win 8 on their computers. Saving your pictures, docs and music plus installing XP or Win 7 takes about two hours.

If you have a new smart TV, a Roku box or an Apple TV box, take advantage of the blog programs on them. The Apple Byte blog keeps you up-to- date on all the new stuff coming out, especially cool apps.

I was on a few days ago and discovered some awesome apps like Ifax, which allows you to send a fax over your iPhone. The best one I found is Password Safe. This app stores all your passwords you use for e-mail, eBay, Facebook, bank, credit cards and more, and it’s safe and secure.

Another one called Memo allows you to atake notes while typing or writing with a styless pen. You can also record and import a picture. It’s fantastic.

Another one is Say Hi, which allows you to speak a phrase in English, and it instantly translates it by voice in over 33 languages. An Italian can speak into your iPhone, and it translates instantly into English. If your traveling to a foreign country, leave your dictionary behind.

Pebble Smart Watch by the company Kickstarter shipped Jan. 23. This smart watch will display e-mail and texts, play music, display missed calls and show weather reports. The watch costs $115.

The new Java security threat is serious, and there is no fix yet. You can go into Safari’s preferences and disable it. If you don’t, hackers can get inside your computer and steal important data.

HP has a new updated app that is called HPeprint. If you’re setup with a wireless router and a new HP printer, you can be on a beach, take a picture on your iPhone and send it to your printer. It’s all done through your new HP e-mail account and easy to use. When you get home, there’s a picture waiting for you in your printer tray.

Hope you can use some of these awesome apps – more to come next time.

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