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LIS students take math assessment

By Staff | Dec 27, 2012

LAHAINA – Happy Holidays to all!

December has been a very short but busy month. Although this season comes once a year, it encourages and reminds us to stop our vicious cycle of daily obligations to make it a point to visit our families and friends. I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves and looking forward to the new year.

LIS students completed their first attempt at the HSA-Math during the first week of December. It was recommended by our restructuring consultants of EdisonLearning to begin the math assessment earlier this year in order to be able to look at the data and be able to identify areas taught, yet still challenge our students. This way, we would have more time to be able to strategize and know which math benchmarks to address and/or re-teach.

Last year, Edison didn’t feel the teachers had sufficient time between attempts to make a significant difference. It is important to remind everyone that the HSA is a summative assessment that includes all benchmarks for the entire year, items that were taught and others that have not been covered yet. It may not make sense, or seem fair, to assess students on benchmarks they haven’t yet been taught, but this process does identify those students who are ahead of the game and need to be challenged beyond their grade level curriculum.

Last school year, all attempts in math took place between February and May, so we aren’t able to compare this year’s first attempt results with those of the 2011-12 school year.

The results this year are lower than that of last year: sixth grade, 27 percent proficient; seventh grade, 31 percent proficient; and eighth grade, 27 percent proficient.

Last year, in February, we were close to or at 50 percent proficient school-wide. We will continue to strategize and work together during our Common Planning/Data Team meetings on Wednesdays to improve student achievement.

If you were present at this year’s Winter Concert held on Dec. 13, you were one of the lucky ones who witnessed the true love of music our students possess, be it through chorus or through a musical instrument. They were so nervous, but they did their part to make the concert a total success. It always brings tears to my eyes as I see our students pouring their hearts out through musical harmony. It’s such a different side of them they share with us, openly, and with so much pride. I love it!

Please enjoy this time with your family and friends. Be safe. See you next year in 2013. IMUA!