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Tricks for iPhones and iPads

By Staff | Dec 6, 2012

In this issue, we’re gonna cram every trick in the book I think will help you better appreciate your iPhone and iPad.

Did you know that the Camera app has an option menu that lets you choose Pano? Now you can take a wide-angle picture. It’s really cool.

The Voice Memo app can be used to make fast voice reminders or send a quick voice e-mail to somebody. Be sure to turn off Data Roaming overseas and save big bucks.

Signal weak? Switch Airplane Mode off and on to reactivate it.

In the Camera app, you can focus on a subject by pressing your finger on the area you want to highlight (it will appear sharp with a blurry background).

Want a faster search than going to Safari’s search? On the home page, just swipe your finger to the right anywhere on your home screen, and Spot Lite Search pops up. Now type in something like “Yankee Candles” and click on Wikipedia.

Want to lock your orientation screen so it doesn’t turn sideways? Double-tap the home button twice and swipe to the left. Press the icon with the arrow circle once to lock or press again to unlock. You can switch between open apps by pressing the home button twice and choosing another open app icon on the bottom.

While on a phone call, you can click twice on the Safari icon if it’s down there and open up a website that you were looking at before the call came in. Or, open up the Calendars icon if it’s also down there to add information like a cell number or click on Voice Memo to record something.

Having multiple apps open at the same time using copy and paste is what makes Apple devices superior over other smart phones. To turn off all the apps running in the background, tap the home button twice to see the apps, then press and hold on any app until it starts to jungle. Now you can delete them by clicking on the red circle. This helps in speeding up your iPhone when you have all these background apps sucking up your memory.

Emoji signs are cool characters to add to your text messages. Go to Settings, General, Keyboard, Add New Keys and choose Emoji. Now, when you type a new message, notice the world icon next to the 123 icon. Tap and use all the cool symbols.

I told you about activating the camera quickly at the home screen when you first turn on the iPhone by swiping up. When finished taking your snapshot, swipe down to return to the home screen.

A new app called Fleksy helps you guess the word you’re trying to type. It’s good to have if you’re a lousy typer.

Another good one called The Language app is free. If you’re heading to a Tijuana cantina and need to speak Spanish to order a shot of tequila, you’ll appreciate this one.

A really cool app that I like is called the LIGHTT app. Wanna see video in slow motion or pics in time lapse? Get it.

The pick of the day is Retouch. This app will blow you away. Wanna edit Aunt Martha out of a family pic or remove a car from a killer rainbow shot? This app is beyond amazing.

Have fun playing with all the tricks and apps in this issue. More to come…

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