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New iPhone tricks

By Staff | Nov 22, 2012

Well, the new iPhone 5 just arrived with an operating system called iOSX 6. You can also upgrade this system on your older iPhone.

In this issue, we are going to explore some of the newer features. First, did you know that if you highlight a word, sentence or paragraph, your iPhone will speak those words? To activate this feature, click on the Settings icon, General, Accessibility, Speak Selection, and turn it on.

Now you can highlight any text, articles and e-mails by just holding your finger over a word – a menu pops up with Copy, Define and Speak. You’ll notice two blue balls over the word you just highlighted. Drag your finger down and across to highlight more words, then release your finger. A new menu pops up with Copy and Speak. Tap Speak then sit back, relax and listen to what you just highlighted.

If you’re reading an ebook on your iPad, you can highlight a whole page and pretend you just bought an audio book.

Don’t like the new Apple maps and miss the Google street feature? Just download on Safari Maps.google.com. You can add this website to your home screen. Once you open Google maps, type in a particular street and see the orange marker, then click on the blue person icon on the bottom right. Your house pops up in full color, and you can scroll up and down your street – simply amazing!

Many people ask me, “Where is the best place to buy a computer?” I’ve been in this business for 28 years and have found Costco, Walmart and Radio Shack to be competitive in prices, but the guys at Radio Shack have a reputation of being honest and more informative.

Having said this, I must warn you that it’s been brought to my attention from several of my customers that a corporate chain store here on Maui is selling repackaged demo computers and giving deceptive warranty information. Be careful when shopping around! You don’t need to waste money on extra whistles and bells if you just e-mail, write letters, listen to music, save pics and surf the Internet. Spending between $400 and $500 will buy a good desktop and laptop.

If you need any help in deciding and setting up a new computer, contact me. ‘Til next time, aloha.

Send your computer-related questions to mauimist8669@yahoo.com.