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Save it to the Cloud

By Staff | May 24, 2012

What the heck is the Cloud? It’s a place where you can store your pictures, music and docs. They’re actually transmitted from your computer over the Internet to a huge, gigantic computer in some big city – not stored in a white fluffy cloud hanging over your house.

So what’s the advantage of saving it there versus storing it on a USB external hard drive? Well, if your travelling in Uganda and need a recipe for fried snake, with a computer turned on, you could log on to your Cloud Service and pick out a special recipe from your files.

So what’s a Cloud Service? There are few good ones out there, but each one offers something different. iCloud from Apple lets you save your data on a Mac, and it automatically copies it to your iPad and iPhone. Any new stuff you add or change will also be changed or added on the iPad and iPhone. It’s like having three backups. This is called syncing.

Amazon just came out with its Cloud Service. You get 5 gigabytes storage for free or 20 gigabytes for $20. Microsoft has Skydrive (27 gigabytes) for ten bucks. So, it’s your choice.

Here are some tricks for you iPad and iPhone users: to return to the home page on the iPad, just compress your fingers together.

Need to take a fast picture on the iPhone when it’s been off? Just hit the home button and slide the camera icon button up. You’re ready to snap away. Now, you can delete a picture on Photo Stream.

In the new text messaging icon, you can tap the microphone button and speak – you don’t have to type anymore. Use a Bluetooth earpiece to get more accuracy. When typing a word, and you’re not sure about the spelling, just double tap the word and SUGGEST pops up; then choose the right word.

Turn on Private Browsing in “settings” on Safari, and your girlfriend won’t see the girly websites you visit daily.

Create a new photo album and put your pics in it. Open photos, tap albums, edit, add and name your new album. You can copy pics from one album to another or e-mail multiple pics. Open up the main album or the photo stream; click on the upper right box with the right pointing arrow. CANCEL appears; tap a photo or photos, and a red mark appears on each one. Use the share to e-mail or message them or press the copy. The red marks dissapear, then choose albums in the upper right, then choose an album. In the white space, press and choose PASTE. Bingo!

To save battery life, double click the home button and press any icon on the bottom for two seconds – there appears a red shaking circle. Hit the circle and the app disappears. Continue on – this doesn’t remove your app, it just takes it out of memory. Download the app called SCAN, and it also clears up background memory wasting your battery life.

The newest cool app out is called KLIP. Send out small video clips to your friends and the world to enjoy.

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