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Why buy a router?

By Staff | May 3, 2012

A wireless router lets your iPad or laptop wirelessly connect to the Internet and also connects up to four desktop computers using Ethernet cables with the four ports in the back.

The Cisco N Router is one of the easiest to hook-up. Connect the blue cable to the modem and the other end to the LAN port of the router.

Now comes the fun part: buy an Apple TV black box at the MacNet store with an HTML cable that connects up to the TV. Get ready to stream live movies from Apple or ones from Netflix. With the iPhone, iPad or Mac Airbook, you can wirelessly display any app, video or song on your big TV screen and read e-mails and the news in large print.

At Office Max for only $99, you can buy the D-Link Video Cam, place it anywhere with a long Ethernet cable and watch people in your house live – even with sound, too.

All these devices need to be hooked up to a router. Also, the iPhone and iPads can print to a wireless printer using a router. The newest printers have a function called “e-print” that allows you to take an iPhone photo and e-mail it to your printer. So, when you get home, there is your photo on the printer tray. There is a new cool app called Dolphin. Instead of typing in www.msn.com, you can just say “MSN,” and you’re instantly there. Shake it, and it erases the letters.

All this sounds like fun, but it’s somewhat difficult to install all these devices. If you e-mail me, I can send you easy instructions in English – without a foreign accent – on how to setup all this wireless stuff.

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