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Lahaina Intermediate students busy with contests, tests in the fourth quarter

By Staff | Apr 19, 2012


LAHAINA – Aloha, everyone! We are halfway through the fourth quarter. Spring semester always brings about a variety of school competitions that are exciting and interesting. LIS tries to participate as much as possible.

Recent competitions include the annual Science & Engineering Fair, History Fair, Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Science Olympiad, and the 3C’s Video Competition. The 3C’s Video Competition is connected with the STEMworks Conference that took place a couple of weeks ago. The LIS team made up of M.J. Baptista, Anis Bel, Calen Matsuda and Kainoa Reponte won the Intermediate/Middle School Division against two other schools. Yay!

Students will take the second attempt of the HSA-Math beginning on April 17, running through April 19. Since the HSA went online, it has taken the form of an adaptive assessment. What does this mean? The levels of questions and the value of each test item depend on correct answers, which will drive the remaining items to a higher level and value. If a question is answered incorrectly, this will lower the level of difficulty and value of the remaining questions.

According to research, adaptive assessments provide a more accurate measurement of the individual student’s academic growth. Test taking skills taught to our students in the past will need to be reviewed and re-taught in order to address the adaptive feature of the current HSA. It is so interesting to experience all the changes the Hawaii Department of Education is implementing in order to meet the requirements of the Race To The Top since acquiring funds from the federal government. We believe the changes to the HSA are paving the path toward future HSAs that will take on the growth model.

On Wednesday, May 9, Dean Reiners of Achieve3000 will train parents on the use and monitoring of TeenBiz, the web-based reading program, so that students are able to continue to use this reading tool to practice reading comprehension during the summer months. Anyone who is interested in attending this training is welcome to attend. The training will take place in the school dining room. Please make it a point to learn more about the reading tools we provide for your child during non-school hours. Be active in your child’s education. The opportunity is available.

The PTSA is actively looking for parents who are willing to serve on our board. If you would like to take part in your child’s education, please volunteer. We need you.

Parents, please visit edline.net to receive up-to-the-date reports on your child’s progress in his/her classes. E-mail your child’s teachers with concerns. If you don’t have a computer, please do not hesitate to call the school to speak to a counselor/teacher. Our phone number is 662-3965. We are here to support you and your child. IMUA!