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How to remove a computer virus

By Staff | Mar 22, 2012

Aloha! My name is George, owner of Mauisoft Computer Repair, and this column is about computers, iPads, iPhone apps, tricks and answers on how to do things.

I’ll take you on a journey into the computer world and explain in simple terms how it all works. I want this to be fun, entertaining and useful.

Let’s begin by explaining how you remove a virus after you paid 50 bucks for protection. Most viruses now originate out of China.

So let’s say someone creates a virus and loads it on the Internet. You log on to the site where the virus is placed, which shows a picture of Elvis coming out of the Haiku laundry mat carrying a bag of malasadas.

All of a sudden, a screen pops up telling you that you have 1,467 viruses, and for only $79, it will get rid of them.

If you give them your credit card, the author of the virus is gonna buy a new Mercedes.

You try and run a Norton scan, but it doesn’t work because the first thing the virus does is disable all virus protection.

What should you do now? One of the best solutions that works about 75 percent of the time is to download a program called malwarebytes and run it.

After it wipes out the virus, you’ll be able to run Norton in full scan mode and probably find a few more hidden ones.

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