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Everyone pitching in to help LIS reach benchmarks

By Staff | Dec 8, 2011


LAHAINA – Holiday Greetings, everyone! LIS is just rolling with the “punches” (assessments) these days. It feels as though assessments are taking a huge chunk out of our instructional time.

This being said, the English language arts teachers and math teachers are asking for the support of the social studies and science teachers to administer the monthly reading and math monthly benchmark assessments. We are attempting to spread the wealth of assessments throughout our campus. LIS is one big ‘ohana, and the operations of the school proves it.

Everyone is pitching in to help each other. In the end, everyone is affected… and when we pass AYP, EVERYONE WILL CELEBRATE! “AI DO KEA” at LIS is alive!

On Thursday, Dec. 8, there will be a Chorus and Band Concert in the evening. During the intermission, when the band is setting up, the School Community Council will introduce next school year’s Academic Plan. This will be considered our community meeting. Anyone who wants a copy of the draft is welcome to have one. Everyone is encouraged to have input. We encourage your participation. See you there.

During the Winter Break, please keep your children academically active. Remember that the Achieve3000 TeenBiz is available for reading comprehension, and Math Whizz and Carnegie Learning are available for math practice. These programs continue to be part of our Academic Plan in order to allow families to participate in their children’s academic growth. These programs are available 24/7 online. Please use them.

Have a safe and wonderful break – a time when many families spend good fun time with each other to celebrate the greatness of life. See you all in 2012! IMUA!