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The school year is winding down — will your child pass?

By Staff | May 6, 2010


LAHAINA — May is the final month of this school year, 2009-10! The last day for students is on May 25. It is a full instruction day.  

Deficiency notices have been distributed. Students still have a little time to turn in missing assignments. School counselors have already notified parents of students who will not pass certain core subject areas.  

Correspondence Course applications have been sent out. One thing we have stressed to both students and parents is that the first time around, education is free. If the student doesn’t want to repeat a grade level, that student’s parents must now pay $140 per course. If the student passes the correspondence course, that student will be promoted. If not, that student will remain in his/her current grade level as a 6R, 7R or 8R for another school year.  

Adequate notices through our edline.net communication system, parent/teacher conferences, Student Support Team conferences and numerous phone calls have taken place. If, after all the support steps offered to a student are not accepted and followed through by the student, we have exhausted all support means available.  

As we approach the end of this school year, the number of potential retentions is high. At this moment, the future looks pretty gloomy. LIS will need to look at the potential increase of our enrollment count for next year, which will now include new and returning students, as well as retained students. Our staff is dedicated to our students, but we cannot, and will not, promote any student who has not met the expectations of each grade’s standards. This message may appear to sound harsh, but, parents, this is the reality for a large number of students who just have not produced throughout the school year.

The bright side is that in many cases, it is not too late. Check your child’s progress by accessing edline.net. Call your child’s school counselor at 662-3965. See what your child needs to complete in order to get by. They may be “squeaking” by, but the bottom line is, they will be promoted. E-mail or phone your child’s teachers for more information. By the time you read this message, there will be only ten days left in the school year. Please do not wait — do it now!

On April 23-24, the LIS PTSA celebrated its 25th Volleyball Tournament for middle school students in Maui County. Schools and clubs continue to embrace this well-run tournament. LIS staff and community members commit their time every year. I would like to personally thank all individuals who donated their personal time to the planning and participation to make such a huge event like this an amazing success. Our children inspire us. Our children give us the energy to carry on. The positive energy in the gym is contagious. It makes you want more and more of it. Mahalo to everyone. Congratulations to us all for 25 wonderful years!

The selection process for the Honors Program has been completed. Nominated students will receive letters shortly. Congratulations to all students who were selected. For those who were not selected, keep up the good work. Your teachers will continue to monitor your progress.

On Tuesday, May 11, the School Community Council will hold its final Community Meeting in the cafeteria dining room at 5:30 p.m. The council invites you to attend this meeting to preview the programs LIS will be offering next school year. IMUA!