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Education doesn’t stop just because school is out

By Staff | Jun 11, 2009

LAHAINA — It’s summer! We survived the renovations!

Although school is out until the beginning of August, education continues in your child’s life. All students have a user name and password on TeenBiz3000. This Internet reading program is available throughout the summer. Reading is essential. Reading and completing the comprehension activities for each article are good practice for all. A letter was sent home to inform you of the summer reading competition taking place.  Achieve3000 is furnishing the prizes at the end of summer. Please take full advantage of this reading program by having your child read during the summer break. 

Remember, education doesn’t stop just because school is out. Now, it is your turn to ensure that your children continue to practice what they have learned, always striving for excellence. Let’s keep their minds sharp and ready for this coming school year. It will be here before you know it.
When we return in August, we will continue to work together, school-wide, to practice literacy across all content areas. Our teachers will be planning strategies together to deliver lessons that embed reading and math standards benchmarks in science, social studies and all other non-core areas. The planning has already begun, and we will continue this process throughout the coming year.

It is always bittersweet to say farewell to our eighth-graders, who will be attending Lahainaluna High School next year. Many of them have changed during the three years they attended LIS. We have watched them mature and begin to make good choices for themselves. They have developed the confidence to ask questions and to express themselves with more clarity. Their sense of humor has developed to the point that the staff are able to share a laugh together through conversations our students initiate. We will miss our departing eighth-graders. Best wishes to all of them.

As for our returning sixth- and seventh-graders, we will continue our journey through the middle school years.

Look out for summer activities for your children. Keep them safe. Keep them happy. IMUA!