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School year opens with two new vice principals at Lahainaluna High School

By BY LOUISE ROCKETT - | Aug 20, 2021

Chris Webber was appointed Vice Principal-TA, overseeing 11th grade students, facilities and technology.

LAHAINA — From 1831 to 2021, Lahainaluna High School has undeniably been the pride of the West Side. For the past 190 years, the solidarity of our community has been defined by its values, perpetuating the torch of excellence from one generation to the next.

Opening Day on Aug. 4, during the course of a once-in-a-century global pandemic, may well have been the most challenging yet, with 1,081 students between grades nine and 12 walking the campus corridors, seeking academic achievement in this (hopefully) post-distant learning, COVID-19 environment.

Principal Jeri Dean and her team of dedicated and talented staff members, teachers, administrators and the Lahainaluna Foundation are leading us toward a new day with plans on the table and a talented and focused administrative team, including Vice Principals Diane Lucas and Chris Webber.

“Diane Lucas brings professionalism, knowledge of curriculum and classroom strategies, and a willingness to embrace our Lahainaluna culture and community. This is Ms. Lucas’s first year at Lahainaluna, and she is excited to be a part of our school family,” Dean told the Lahaina News.

Lucas is a California/Seattle/Alaska transplant. She has a BA from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, and a Master’s in Education from the University of Washington in Seattle.

A ten-year island resident, Lucas lives in Kihei. She was a vice principal at Iao School and spent a short time at King Kekaulike High School. Prior to that, she taught at Kamali’i Elementary in Kihei.

Her title is Freshman Vice Principal; her responsibilities are varied.

“I support the teachers in several academic departments, assist in the daily operations of the school and support our freshmen as they transition to high school. I work closely with the freshman counselor to help our students have a successful experience at Lahainaluna,” she advised.

Lucas is “very excited” to be part of the Lahainaluna community and contributing to the success of its students, she said.

“These young men and women are developing skills, knowledge and talents that will allow them to contribute to the richness and vitality of the Lahaina community for years to come,” she observed.

Chris Webber is a part of the administrative force on campus. This is his third year at Lahainaluna. He was appointed Vice Principal-TA, “overseeing 11th grade students, facilities and technology.”

“I came from San Diego by way of Cape Town, South Africa,” he recounted.

He earned a Master’s in Educational Leadership.

Dean described his talents.

“Chris Webber was previously our Innovation Coordinator, which speaks to his remarkable ability to support our students and teachers in creating relevant experiences in the classroom. Supporting our school community through trainings and parent events around Project-Based Learning is one of many ways that Mr. Webber has served our school community,” Dean explained.

“I want to do my very best to support our students and teachers in this amazing school and community to help ensure that our students live purposeful lives,” Webber advocated.

Lucas was similarly passionate.

“This is a beautiful campus with a rich history and deep connections to the community. I’m so fortunate to work alongside a group of dedicated teachers and staff. I can feel the West Side pride each day when I come to campus,” she said.

Next week, learn more about other key officers of the historic high school’s administrative force — Principal Jeri Dean and Vice Principal Ilima Greig-Hong.