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The Koraleski Kahua debuts at Sacred Hearts School

By BY YVETTE RICHARD, Sacred Hearts School - | Apr 23, 2021

Sacred Hearts School held its first annual Ho‘ike Luau on April 9 and 10 on a brand new outdoor stage named The Koraleski Kahua.

LAHAINA — “Nothing is impossible; there are ways that lead to everything.” It’s a quote that lies beneath the Mother Marianne Cope painting in the school hall and was highlighted by Principal Tonata Lolesio in her speech on the night of April 10.

Because of the pandemic, Sacred Hearts School did not host the Annual Bazaar. Instead, SHS was blessed to hold its first annual intimate Ho’ike Luau on April 9 and 10 on a brand new outdoor stage named The Koraleski Kahua.

Kahua in Hawaiian means platform or foundation, and this kahua will serve as an outdoor learning space for students and be the home of all future performances and special masses for Maria Lanakila Church.

The school held an official blessing on Thursday, April 8, during morning assembly.

Pastor Father Kuriakose of the Missionaries of Faith blessed the outdoor stage, and a special dedication and naming were made in honor of the Koraleski Family.

The Koraleski Foundation donated $50,000 this year alone and over $700,000 since 2013. Their legacy of giving has allowed the school to establish an endowment, provide financial aid assistance for families, erect beautiful fencing that keeps the keiki safe, and the list goes on.

The school felt it was only fitting the stage to be dedicated after them. Lolesio added, “Dedicating the stage to them will stand as a sign of gratitude for the generosity they shared with us in our times of need and helping to create a safe zone for our children.”

The project came to fruition when school officials knew SHS had to expand and create even more safe spaces for learning. The school received a grant to create outdoor learning areas, which made this vision a reality.

It was not enough to cover all expenses, but sufficient to get the project started.

Construction began in December, led by Howard Lolesio and a band of loyal volunteers. The team of volunteers was made up of employees, parents and people from the community.

Construction of the kahua was a labor of love. Volunteers gave up their Saturdays to work, and it was from the heart. As a collective, everyone wanted to not just get it done, but to make it special and beautiful.

The Koraleski Kahua, months in the making, was completed just a couple of weeks before the ho’ike’s debut. Students had just enough time to be able to rehearse on the new outdoor stage in fresh, warm air and Lahaina sunshine.

Tonata concluded, “I am so proud of it. A legacy created during the pandemic. God provides.”

Principal Lolesio would like the thank the following people and businesses for their donations and hours of hard work to help build the stage: Kanatea Faleta, Minoneti Sulunga, Setefano Sulunga, Tala’ofa Sulunga, Kalolo Faiva, Tukia Sulunga, Valu Lino, Sione Kauvaka, Danny Kauvaka, Siua Sekona, Jocob Howard, Leni Hala’api’api, Moli Pousima, West Maui Land, Crescent Custom Home-Kaleb Markstrom, Lahaina Animal Farms, Truth Excavation-Kimo Clark, Penne Pasta Cafe, Maui Fiesta Market, Patrick & Sons-Patrick Fonohema, Business & Accountant-Manny Fernando, Maintenance-Howard Lolesio, Groundskeeper-Preston Ako, Dagdagan ‘Ohana, Bumanglang ‘Ohana, Wheeler ‘Ohana, Udave-Sanchez ‘Ohana, Garde ‘Ohana and the Rosenthal ‘Ohana.