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Sacred Hearts School opening enrollment for the Spring Semester

By BY YVETTE RICHARD, Sacred Hearts School - | Nov 6, 2020

Sacred Hearts School has taken steps to provide the safest learning environment possible. PHOTO BY J. ANTHONY MARTINEZ.

LAHAINA — Sacred Hearts School is the real “Little Engine That Could.” The small Catholic school has been here since 1862 and continues to work through all obstacles. Faculty members have worked diligently from the beginnings of COVID-19 up to today to continue to make the safest learning environment possible, never stopping but continuing to move forward positively and progressively.

A bright testimony to this is experiencing this year’s Move and Jog-a-thon event. Today, Oct. 29, is the fourth day. Today’s theme is sports, and the school field is filled with happy third-, fourth- and fifth-graders in sports jerseys, boxing costumes and skater outfits having fun, completing obstacle courses and dancing Zumba combinations.

In the past, the Jog-a-thon has taken place on the county field across from the swimming pool on one day with the entire school. This year, to adhere to social distancing regulations, the school spread the event over a week on campus with different daily themes.

Little Mahealani shared, “I love Sacred Hearts because I get to be with my friends and do fun things like this.”

Everyone on campus is grateful that jog happened this year! It is a much-needed fundraising event for the school.

The Move and Jog-a-thon has been a real eye-opener for faculty and staff. Watching these kids have some normalcy in their lives makes it feel pertinent that we reach out to the community to try to bring in more students.

To grow our Sacred Hearts School ‘Ohana, leadership has decided to hold a Spring Admissions campaign and will be accepting applications for the spring semester.

Principal Tonata Lolesio commented, “Since families have been reaching out to our school, we would like to open our doors to help as many as we can. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, classes have been capped to accommodate spatial distancing restrictions. However, there is still room to accept students in second, third, sixth grade and high school.”

Sacred Hearts and Catholic Virtual teamed up this year to expand its doors to grades nine through 12. The program offers virtual college preparatory classes, including psychology, languages, AP Math, AP English and a wide array of electives. Computers are set-up for those who would like to complete their lessons in the High School Learning Center on wood desks donated by the Debi Rolfing Foundation.

Current ninth-grader Addy attends three days a week in the Learning Center for her virtual classes and attends Theology live on campus weekly. She said, “I think strengthening the bond between secondary and elementary school is something that would help build leadership values. All-around, we should continue with everything we have currently at SHS, but we need to shift gears so we can expand.”

From Nov. 16 to Dec. 16, families are welcome to apply online on our website at shsmaui.org/admissions. The Spring Semester starts on Jan. 4. New students in the lower grades will receive 10 percent off the half-year tuition rate. Catholic families registered with the parish and registered with the Religious Education Program will receive 20 percent off the half-year tuition rate.

For more information, please e-mail Admissions Director Yvette Richard at yrichard@shsmaui.org or call (808) 661-4720 during school hours. Sacred Hearts School is excited to welcome new students!