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Groups join forces to plant 500 fruit-bearing trees on Maui

By Staff | Nov 6, 2020

Maui students help the project by planting trees.

The nine Rotary Clubs of Maui, in conjunction with Ohana Gardens/Food Security Hawaii and Uncle George Kahumoku Jr., are ready to launch the La’au Ha’awi Maui project — “Gifting Trees for Maui.”

Rotary Club members, together with ‘Ohana Gardens and Food Security Hawaii staff, will come to households and community locations to help plant the food-bearing trees between Nov. 28 and the end of January 2021.

Food Security Hawaii believes that the solution to island-wide food security and global climate change are one in the same — creating carbon-rich, fertile soils for local food production.

Maui can grow food year-round, and the volunteers’ goal is to plant 500 trees during this project.

These parties are reaching out to the Maui community for the following needs to accomplish this initiative:

Do you have trees to donate? They will accept fruit-bearing saplings that are at least 12 inches high and can be replanted into pots for transport. Volunteers will arrange to pick up the trees from your location and store them until they are ready to plant.

Would you like to have 2-5 fruit-bearing trees planted on your property or your place of business? Volunteers can make arrangements to bring the trees, the materials and the volunteers to install, mulch and fence the trees. Your commitment will be to maintain and care for the trees after planting. Ohana Gardens can assist with details of proper care and maintenance.

Would you like to help plant trees starting on Nov. 28? “Many hands make light work” — they can use your help with planting!

Would you like to contribute to support this project? Any donation of funds will be accepted to support the costs of this project. All donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive a mahalo letter for your support.

Would you like to “gift” a tree or number of trees for this project? Make this a Christmas gift in your name — donate $50 per tree, and organizers will send a holiday gift letter to your recipient(s). You are also welcome to gift trees in memory of a loved one. What a wonderful gift this will be for your beneficiary and for our island!

Please help by supporting this project that will keep on giving for all time. Go to https://mauiohanagardens.org/treeplanting/ to sign up, donate or to assist in aspects of this project outlined above.

Questions? Contact Mariko Higashi at marikoinmaui@gmail.com.