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‘Walk 2&4 Napili Beach’ benefit to support beach restoration projects

By BY LOUISE ROCKETT - | Oct 22, 2020

NAPILI — It’s not too late to enter the “first-ever” Napili Bay and Beach Foundation (NBBF) virtual fundraiser planned for Oct. 25. The “Walk 2&4 Napili Beach” will benefit the NBBF beach restoration projects.

The goal is to raise $25,000 through individual donations, incentives, gift raffles and/or corporate sponsorships.

“Our mission is to protect and improve the health of Napili beach and bay,” Norm Runyan, the general manager of Napili Shores Maui, added.

The NBBF was founded in 2006 by Pat Lindquist, its president. She is supported by a strong board of directors: Vice President Gregg Nelson, general manager of Napili Kai Beach Resort; Secretary Nane Aluli, general manager of The Mauian; and Director Jamie Lung-Ka’eo, general manager of Hale Napili.

According to Lindquist, the nonprofit is fundraising to support the goal of bringing matching offshore sand back to repair erosion losses, working in collaboration with Maui County, Sea Grant and the state Department of Land & Natural Resources.

“I had hoped we’d be in a position to do the beach restoration in the Q3, 2021. With the Covid situation, my best guess is we’ll be lucky to do it a year later,” Lindquist projected.

“In terms of what the overall project is going to cost to completely restore the beach, we have been given an estimate of $1-2 million, and those are soft figures,” Lindquist advised. “We anticipate it costing about $150K more to get the required beach profile, beach mechanism, benthic habitat work done and to write up the big documents needed for permitting,” Lindquist estimated.

Volunteers on the fundraising team are challenged but passionate about their kuleana. Yvonne Fisher, Steve Rhodes, Haley Staples and Jamie Lung-Ka’eo are the creative force behind this Oct. 25 charitable community campaign.

The public is invited to join in the virtual activity. “Wherever you are in the world, at any time on Sunday, Oct. 25, grab your favorite equipment — walk, run, swim, paddle or surf — pick your pace and place and go,” Lindquist said.

“Participants are invited to take pictures and/or video along the way and post it on our Facebook and/or Instagram pages; or, take a picture that shows your mileage at the end of your 5K and post that!”

There are different contribution levels: $10 donation, one raffle ticket; $50 donation, NBBF T-shirt and three raffle tickets; $60 donation, NBBF T-shirt and face mask and four raffle tickets; and $100, NBBF T-shirt and face mask and five raffle tickets The list of raffle prizes is impressive: two-night stay at Hale Napili, $750 value; four works of art by Alexandra Nicole, $50-$100 value each; Napili Kai Beach Resort Sea House Restaurant gift certificate, $100 value; All Good Travel Kit, $50 value; Sherri Reeve Gallery Gift Certificate, $25 value; Two Maui Ku’ia Estate Chocolate gift certificates, $15 and $25 value; and four Gazebo Restaurant gift certificates, $25 value each.

Sponsors of the virtual event are Noel Technologies, Art by Alexandra Nicole, All Good, Hale Napili and Napili Kai Beach Resort.

“Napili Kai is proud to be a sponsor of this important event, because our resort was/is a founding member of Napili Bay and Beach Foundation. We, like so many others along the bay, recognized years ago that this special beach and bay needed help if it was to be preserved and maintained for future generations, and that became the mission as we formed Napili Bay and Beach Foundation,” community leader Gregg Nelson explained.

“We know many residents of Maui enjoy the bay and share our sentiments, and this fundraiser is an excellent way to show support for this very worthy cause,” he added.

For more information, or to register, go to https://www.napilibayfoundation.org/walk-2-4-napili-beach.html.