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Maui County travel testing program starts Thursday, Oct. 15

By Staff | Oct 15, 2020

WAILUKU — Mayor Michael Victorino announced additional details on the pre-departure and post-arrival COVID-19 testing program for travelers seeking exemption from Hawaii’s 14-day quarantine, while staying in Maui County.

All transpacific and inter-county travelers arriving into Maui County may follow these three steps, starting Thursday, Oct. 15:

• Arrive Healthy: Mandatory pre-departure test submitted 72 hours prior to departing for Maui County.

• Stay Healthy: Voluntary post-arrival test conducted 72 hours after arriving into Maui County.

• Return Home Healthy: Depart Maui County with aloha.

“The rollout of Maui County’s travel testing program is largely thanks to the work of our residents and their effort to keep our case numbers down,” Mayor Victorino said. “This program is predicated on three major steps: we want travelers to arrive healthy by getting their pre-departure test; we want them to stay healthy by getting a second test; and we want everyone to return home healthy. If we can do these three things, we will be able to keep Maui County and our community healthy.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone not subject to quarantine may travel solely between Maui, Molokai and Lanai without having to take a pre-departure test.

Arrive Healthy:

• Transpacific and inter-county travelers seeking exemption from Hawaii’s 14-day mandatory travel quarantine must take a state-approved test within 72 hours prior to their final leg of travel to Maui County.

• Children under the age of five will not be required to take a test.

• The test must be done through one of the state’s trusted testing partners available at www.HawaiiCOVID19.com/travel-partners.

• All travelers must complete the state’s mandatory travel and health form on the Hawaii Safe Travels Digital Platform at www.travel.hawaii.gov. Negative test results should be uploaded onto this platform. Travelers are strongly encouraged to complete the forms at least 24 hours prior to arrival. Airport screeners will review information upon arrival and conduct temperature screenings.

• If a traveler’s test is NEGATIVE, they will be exempt from quarantine.

• If a traveler’s test is POSITIVE, they SHOULD NOT travel to Maui County. If their positive test is returned after they arrive to Maui County, they must isolate at their place of lodging and follow all directions from the state Department of Health.

• Any traveler whose pre-departure test result is not available at the time of arrival must quarantine at their place of lodging until their negative result is submitted and verified by the state.

• Travelers who do not provide a pre-departure test will be ordered to quarantine for 14 days or the length of their stay, whichever is shorter. The traveler CANNOT test out of quarantine.

• Limited quarantine exemptions will still be available for essential (CISA) workers and medical appointments, and requests can be submitted through www.MauiCounty.gov.

Stay Healthy:

• Travelers are strongly encouraged to take a voluntary, post-arrival test 72 hours after arriving to Maui County.

• The voluntary second test will be at no cost to the traveler.

• Participating travelers will receive a Kamaʻaina First “Mahalo Card,” which provides kamaʻaina discounts to hundreds of participating local vendors.

• Designated, on-site testing locations will be available at hotels and other locations. Travelers should check with their lodging accommodations for testing locations.

• The County of Maui has established a partnership with a local medical provider to mobilize ongoing community-based testing.

Stay up to date with community-based testing dates and times, as well as other COVID-19 information in Maui County, by visiting MauiCounty.gov.

For more information on traveling to Hawaii and Maui County, visit HawaiiCOVID19.com or call 1-800-GoHawaii (1-800-464-2924).