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IMPACT offers innovative alternatives to learning in an ever-changing world

By Staff | Aug 11, 2020

WAILUKU – In the midst of a pandemic, a group of passionate and experienced educators is launching a new, transformative educational school called IMPACT, where student “agents” engage in innovative and custom curricula while fulfilling common core requirements.

Up to 20 ninth- and tenth grade-level agents will be selected per island to join IMPACT’s inaugural class cohorts on Oahu, Maui and Hawaii Island for the 2020-21 school year, starting Aug. 24, 2020. Applications are available online at www.impact-bound.com, and candidates may apply now through Aug. 21.

“In an ever-changing world, we need an education system that is solution-based and future-focused,” said Robert Landau, IMPACT co-founder and CEO. “IMPACT is designed to inspire and empower our youth – our agents – to find and pave their own unique paths, and make an authentic difference in this ever-changing world.”

Common core curricula will be conducted online through nationally accredited distance-learning high school academies Penn Foster and James Madison. IMPACT educator “guides” will assist student agents with coursework and ensure they stay up-to-date and on track to receive their high school diplomas, which many may obtain early, since they can work at their own pace and schedules.

This allows IMPACT agents the flexibility to plan their course workflow based on their individual learning styles and strengths, and also strengthen their curricula and opportunities to explore and expand their passions and interests.

Agents will engage in IMPACT’s five academic pillars – 1) culture and identity, 2) civics and social justice, 3) stewardship and global issues, 4) innovation and entrepreneurship, and 5) internship and apprenticeships – and create their own project-learning experiences to gain more in-depth knowledge, understanding and application of what they learn.

For example, a Maui IMPACT cohort may learn about coral bleaching in West Maui, and decide to tailor their lesson plans and school work around trying to find a solution. They may decide to meet with subject matter experts to gather more background; learn to scuba dive to conduct further research; testify at council meetings to increase awareness about the issue; and even develop and promote reef-safe sunscreen for residents and tourists to use.

Throughout the process, IMPACT guides serve as sounding boards and provide support, guidance and advice to help agents succeed and make an impact.

“Every student is unique, and it’s important that we recognize, celebrate and nurture each one in becoming the best version of themselves,” said Paul Passamonte, IMPACT co-founder, Maui guide and long-time educator/administrator.

“Providing diverse learning environments and strategies allows us to motivate and empower our agents to reach their full potential and succeed in life.”

Annual tuition to attend IMPACT for the 2020-21 school year is $7,500. For more information about IMPACT, email info@impact-bound.com or visit www.impact-bound.com.