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Lahainaluna Administration Team explains plans for the first weeks of school

By Staff | Jul 30, 2020

LAHAINA – The Lahainaluna High School Administration Team of Jeri Dean, Ian Haskins, Denise Tabbada and Ilima Greig-Hong last week sent a letter to students and parents outlining the first two weeks of school, followed by the five weeks of Period 1 class.

The message below has also been posted to the LHS website at www.lahainalunahs.org/ and social media.

Students and ‘Ohana of Lahainaluna High School, it is our hope that this letter finds you all well and that you’ve enjoyed a safe, healthy and fun summer vacation. These past few months have flown by, and we are looking forward to supporting each of you through the reopening of school. The four Lahaina schools have made a commitment to ensure every child’s safe return to school and learning.

School begins on Aug. 6, 2020, and for the first seven school days, students will be attending school on a rotation basis based on the letter of their last name. Start and end times during this reclamation period will be 7:45 a.m. to 12 p.m. If there are multiple students in the same household with different last names, please feel free to notify the office, and we will be happy to accommodate you accordingly. It is during this reopening phase that students will be introduced to new procedures of school – as it will look very different – and they will also be assessed to provide insight for teachers as they plan for the upcoming year.

Please see the schedule below to view when your child will be attending school.

In the Aug. 6-14 Special Bell Schedule, students will belong to one of two groups: Group A – Students with last names beginning with letters A-K; Group B – Students with last names beginning with letters L-Z.

Running from 7:45 a.m. to noon (half-day schedule), Group A (A-K) will attend on Aug. 10, 11 and 13; and Group B (L-Z) will attend on Aug. 6, 7 and 14.

Wednesday Aug. 12, will be reserved for students identified as “vulnerable” (teachers and counselors will contact these students individually).

Our regular school schedule will begin on Monday, Aug. 17, where students will be attending their first period class for approximately weeks, virtually, with the exception of our vulnerable population. Further instructions will be provided to your students on the half days they attend and meet their teachers face-to-face (see schedule above). Following the first period, and at the beginning of each period thereafter, parents and students will have the option to attend school virtually, face-to-face or in a blended setting. Once school begins, you will be receiving frequent communications from your teachers and the school.

Please do a wellness check on your child each morning at home to determine if your child should attend school. This wellness check should include the following observations:

Feverish or unusually warm (has flushed cheeks). If you are able to, use a thermometer to take your child’s temperature;


Sore throat;

Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing;

Headache/stomach ache/nausea;

Muscle pain/unusual fatigue;

New loss of taste or smell.

If any of these symptoms are present, your child should not attend school. If your child displays any of these symptoms while at school, you will be required to pick up your child immediately.

Masks: To the extent possible, all staff and students will wear a mask while on campus. All visitors must wear a mask and report directly to the office.

Teachers will determine routines and rules related to wearing of face covering in their particular classrooms.

Parents/guardians are responsible for providing and maintaining student masks. Everyone is encouraged to keep an extra mask in their belongings at all times.

We understand that there are many changes as well as feelings of uncertainty. Please be assured that we are here to support each of you, and we are excited to welcome everyone back to school. We are so proud of our community, students and teachers as we do our best to reopen. To ensure clear communication, please ensure your contact information is up to date with our office with phone numbers and e-mails.

We sincerely thank you all for your patience and understanding during these trying times. We will rise up and get through this together!!

If any of you are wishing to opt your child out of physically coming to school during their scheduled days between Aug. 6 and 14, please contact your child’s grade level administrator via phone or e-mail, and we will assist with virtual attendance.