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Public urged to prepare for strong winds, flash flooding and high surf due to Hurricane Douglas

By Staff | Jul 24, 2020

WAILUKU – Maui County residents and visitors are urged to prepare for strong winds, flash flooding and high surf as Hurricane Douglas continues its track toward the Hawaiian Islands.

Wind and rain could begin impacting the state as early as Saturday night. High surf is expected, including possibly damaging surf for east-facing shores.

The public should prepare to shelter in place due to potentially severe weather.

“Hurricane Douglas is expected to gradually weaken as it approaches us, but we should prepare for the worst,” Mayor Michael Victorino said.

“I strongly urge everyone to prepare their families now, and be ready to possibly shelter in place.”

Maui Emergency Management Agency encourages the public to do three things during an emergency:

1) Make a Plan Create a plan with your family on what to do in the event of an emergency and where to meet when communications are down.

2) Stay Informed Sign up for MEMA’s Maka’ala Emergency Alert System to receive updates and critical information during emergencies.

3) Prepare an Emergency Kit with 14-day supply of food and water; special medications; first-aid kit; portable radio, flashlights and extra batteries; manual can opener; matches or lighter; face coverings; hand sanitizer; and extra pet food (for a full list of items, visit www.MauiCounty.gov/Emergency).

MEMA will be activating the Emergency Operations Center as the county ramps up its emergency response.

County departments and staff have also been ordered to implement additional preparations and protocols for the approaching hurricane.

“We continue to work with our county departments and agency partners on rapid response and mitigation plans,” MEMA Administrator Herman Andaya said. “The public is reminded, again, to make a plan, prepare a 14-day emergency kit and stay informed.”

The county also continues to work with the American Red Cross on providing emergency shelters for the community. Due to COVID-19 safety regulations, space may be limited at shelters.

Residents should prepare to possibly shelter-in-place inside their home or at a family/friend’s home. Visitors are advised to stay at their hotel accommodation.

Shelter space will be available to anyone who needs or does not feel safe at their place of lodging. Those seeking shelter should bring everything they need, in addition to face coverings.

For more information on emergency preparedness, visit www.MauiCounty.gov/Emergency.