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Sne Patel seeks West Maui County Council seat

By Staff | Jul 9, 2020

Sne Patel brings over 18 years of small business operations management on Front Street and nearly a decade of community leadership at the LahainaTown Action Committee to the table. He is also a Ka Ipu Kukui Fellow.

LAHAINA – Propelled to action by the challenges COVID-19 has brought to West Maui, Sne Patel is running for the Maui County Council’s West Side seat.

“We are at a pivotal moment in Maui Nui’s future. COVID-19 has shown us some of our greatest vulnerabilities, especially in West Maui, which is now home to the nation’s highest unemployment rate. But it has also revealed our strengths as a community who can come together to help one another and work together to create a better way forward. I hope to play a part in transforming our challenges into opportunities that will build a more resilient Maui County,” he said.

To create greater resiliency, Patel believes a range of priorities must be addressed, including economic recovery and diversification, a new vision for our visitor industry, affordable housing/homelessness, education and food and clean energy security.

“I will work hard to create informed solutions, listen to our community’s voices and build common ground to face our challenges together,” Patel said. “As a husband and father of three children born here, I want to do my part to ensure that all of our keiki inherit a vibrant future.”

To learn more about Sne Patel for Maui County Council, visit joinpatel.com or e-mail connect@joinpatel.com.