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Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation sees increase in adoptions during quarantine

By Staff | May 7, 2020

A new furry family member is waiting for you at Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation.

WAIHEE – In recent weeks, news updates on the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic reveal disturbing trends – socially, politically and economically. One surprising trend, however, is warming hearts at Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation (HARF): an increase in adoptions!

HARF has always sung the praises of furry friends. Its mission, which promotes “people helping animals,” reminds the world that “animals helping people” is an important and equal component to the success of its many programs.

Through HARF’s education programs, Foster Program, Volunteer Program and others, the healing, loving nature of animals is a primary factor.

The jump in adoption numbers over previous months (nearly doubling normal numbers) may have much to do with a need to bring more joy, heart and comfort into the homes of families quarantined and individuals suffering from social distancing.

“We were really blown away by the overwhelming response from the community” explained HARF Executive Director Dawn Hall.

“So many families are looking to bring a new pet into their home right now, we can’t even keep up. We also have more new foster families waiting to help out than ever before.”

Not only is the increase in adoptions a bright spot in some very uncertain times, it is also a uniquely perfect scenario for both the adopting families and the pet.

“We always encourage the entire family to be a part of training a new pet,” stated Hall.

“As a pet establishes itself in a home, it will learn signals and signs from its owner. Often, when we hear that a new pet is misbehaving, it is simply that the pet is confused because the signals are different from one family member to another, or the owner’s schedule is changing too frequently. With the entire family at home for a few weeks, the pet begins to feel safe in a routine of mealtimes, outside play and bedtimes.”

HARF’s Adoption Department remains open, by appointment, to the community to adopt a new furry friend to lighten the challenging days ahead.

The health and safety of staff, animals and community is top priority. With this in mind, the adoption process has changed until further notice.

Effective immediately, adoptions will be offered by appointment only Monday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To see a list of available orphan pets (updated daily), or for more information about Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation, visit www.harfcenter.org.