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Lahaina Complex Tutor Project thanks its many supporters and participants

By Staff | Apr 30, 2020

The Lahaina Complex After School Tutor Project thanks everyone for their efforts to help students this year. Volunteers are already planning for the 2020-21 school year. PHOTO BY PAT ENDSLEY.

LAHAINA – As the 20th year of the free Lahaina Complex After School Tutor Project concluded, leaders are very pleased to share some of their accomplishments with the community.

With over 52 adult volunteers, 72 Lahainaluna High School tutors and six support volunteers, this year the program provided after school tutoring in math and language arts to Princess Nahienaena Elementary School students in grades 3-5 and provided algebra and geometry instruction to students at Lahainaluna High School.

In October 2019, the project introduced a new Multiplication Mastery program for fourth grade math students, designed to assist the students in mastering their multiplication facts using games, activities and worksheets.

“We’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the student time test scores from under 50 percent correct to 100 percent, completing 60 multiplication problems in three minutes. We could not be prouder of the students and their achievements. Congratulations to Coordinator Deborah Katz and her fantastic team,” noted Pat Endsley, who founded the tutoring program with her husband, Richard.

All of the language arts and mathematics programs were again revised to further increase higher learning thinking strategies and writing.

All language arts programs include weekly emphasis on literature discussions, writing paragraphs and/or essays, and continuing test taking skills strategies.

Lessons comparing the COVID-19 pandemic with past historical pandemics have been added to the grade five language arts program.

Also added was Multiplication Mastery and Beyond for students in grade four. The fourth and fifth grade math programs are being revised to further support classroom teachers’ instructional programs.

Project leaders have been working together since March to prepare for opening of school in September.

For the first time in 19 years, the tutor project had to cancel its End of the Year (EOY) Achievement Awards and Dinner as well as a field trip and summer camps due to early school closure.

Students have annually (along with their families) attended the EOY achievement event. Due to the early school closure, the leadership team packaged books, gift cards for purchases at Pizza Hut or McDonald’s, stuffed animals and candies for every student in the project.

These gift awards will be delivered to Princess Nahienaena, Lahaina Intermediate and Lahainaluna High School as soon as it safe for parents and students to pick them up.

“Tutors report that students worked hard all year to earn their achievement awards, so we want to be sure that the awards are received in spite of the EOY awards event cancellation,” Pat explained.

In addition, the tutor project will provide five $1,000 scholarships to each of the following outstanding LHS math tutors for their many years of volunteerism: Anjanette Aveno, Eddymar Cabading, Rory Delaney, Deolian Domawa and Veronica Lara.

“Mahalo, congratulations and best wishes for continued success as you pursue education beyond high school,” she said.

Tutor Year 2020-21 will continue to provide math and language arts services to students in grades three, four and five at Princess Nahienaena Elementary School, and also provide algebra and geometry services to students at Lahainaluna High School.

Invitations to participate in the elementary programs will be sent home to parents as soon as school resumes. Student acceptance will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so parents are urged to return their request forms to Melissa Ancheta at Princess Nahienaena as soon as possible.

LHS math teachers will assist with math enrollment. Parents may contact the schools for more information.

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) camps will be held in June 2021 at Princess Nahienaena School.

Richard and Pat, co-founders and directors of the Lahaina Complex After School Tutor Project, extend their heartfelt gratitude to the following supporters and participants:

Lahaina Complex Education Foundation Board Directors Barbara Potts, Robert Kawahara, Michele Kawahara, Althea Viernes, Marsha Nakamura, Linda Quinn and Terry Warwick for their guidance and leadership.

Major Sponsors Sen. Roz Baker, Rep. Angus McKelvey, Mayor Michael Victorino, Maui County Council members, Kaunoa Senior Services, Susan Bendon, Tim and Ella Adams, Nancy and Charles Schneider, Mark Vieth, Barbara Potts and the board members of People for Educational Equality (PFEE), Jason Donez and staff at Leilani’s on the Beach, Lahaina Rotary Sunrise and Lahaina Rotary for financial and in-kind generous support that made this project continue for 20 years at no cost to students and their parents.

Barbara Potts (president of PFEE), Aina Nalu homeowners and the hundreds of volunteers and donors who launched the highly successful May 2019 Aina Nalu Wine & Silent Auction Fundraiser for the Lahaina Complex Tutor Project. In addition, special thanks also go to Jason Donez and Jamie Nahooikaika for the beautiful invitations to Leilani’s on the Beach that were delivered to tutors and supporters.

“This year, we will miss this incredible event that is a highlight for our tutors. We look forward to being invited next school year. We are also grateful to the many individuals who have contributed monetary donations or provided services to the project,” Pat noted.

She thanked Principal Dr. Rebecca Winkie, Sandra Kukahiko, Ian Haskins, Irene Tihada, Melissa Ancheta, teachers, and office and custodial staffs at Princess Nahienaena Elementary School.

Lynn Kahoohalahala and LHS staff (Ashley Olson, Malia Shimomura, John Shigaki, Julie Dicker, Michelle Abad, Cassie-Ann Jacinto, Victoria Zupancic and custodial/cafeteria staff) were thanked for facility use or assistance with tutor recruitment or math curriculum.

“The tutor programs are successful because of your valuable cooperation and commitment to help us increase literacy for our Lahaina keiki,” Pat commented.

She thanked the project’s Leadership Team – Chairperson Nancy Eckman, Althea Viernes, Linda Quinn, Jeanne Smythe, Harriet Ota and Carol Inaba – for meeting monthly to plan and execute operational tasks to ensure quality control and to evaluate and revise plans as needed.

She recognized the Onsite Coordinators, Grade 3 Language Arts – Christine Nishimoto; Grade 5 – Diane DeLos Reyes; Grade 4 Math – Jeanne Smythe and Harriet Ota; Grade 4 Multiplication Mastery and Beyond – Debbi Katz; Grade 5 Math – Jane Huff; and Grades 9-10 Algebra/Geometry – Linda Quinn and Gordon Bradley, for their outstanding leadership and taking care for their cadre of tutors.

Mahalo to Curriculum Revision Volunteers Debbie Katz, Glenn Varano, Jane Huff, Linda Quinn and Jeanne Smythe for math, and Elizabeth Haliford for Grade 5 Language Arts. Nancy Eckman, Tuesday site director, and Pat Endsley, Wednesday site director, thank this group of volunteers for making excellent program revisions.

She concluded by thanking the Grade Level Tutors: Grade 3 Language Arts – Christine Nishimoto, Sandy Rogers, Virginia Keen, Wendy Smith, Katherine Munkley, Lynn Kasper, Barbara Kerbox, Melanie Morris, Diane Delos Reyes and Kathy and Alan Shirek; Grade 5 Language Arts – Diane Delos Reyes, Susan Yap, Karen Peterson, Wendy Ernst, Sharon Loveland, Flo Wiger, Ann Haliford, Katherine Munkley and Alan Shirek; Grade 4 Math – Jeanne Smythe, Harriet Ota, 60 Lahainaluna High School math tutors along with Jackie Kelley, Jan Owens, Paul Koyama, Christine Nishimoto and Lylla Corrigall; Grade 4 Multiplication Team – Debbi Katz, Glenn Varano, Dr. Darcel Gilbert, Dr. Galen Wiger, Jim Wu, Mary Ann Wu, Noel Munemitsu, Barbara Newton and LHS students; Grade 5 Math – Jane Huff, Glenn Varano, Barbara Potts, John Gaynor, Ravi Bugga, David Foonberg, John Hardin, Linda Gustafson, Alan Shirek and LHS math tutors; Grades 9-10 Algebra/Geometry – Linda Quinn, Gordon Bradley, Lynn Tenney, Dr. Arnold Yalam, Victoria Caputo and LHS tutors.

“These tutors provide essential teaching concepts, but they are models exhibiting competence as well as care and kindness to their students. The programs are successful due to their commitment, hard work and care,” Pat explained.

“Mahalo to our students and their parents. This past school year, every tutor reported that students were wonderful! They were polite, eager to learn, and their attendance records were excellent. We thank the students and their parents for giving us this opportunity to work with them to further increase their scholastic performances,” she continued.

“Together, we aim to make a positive difference in the lives of youngsters. We thank everyone who participated in supporting the Lahaina Complex Tutor Project for the past 20 years, and we look forward to continue our services. Mahalo to all!

“We extend our thanks to the Princess Nahienaena staff for their support and for the use of their classrooms, and thank the Lahainaluna High School administrators for the use of their facilities. Without the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers for their time and dedication, the tutor programs would not have been successful. We applaud all their support to help our keiki over the years. We look forward to continue serving our community when we begin our 20th year of free tutoring come September 2020.”