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Grassroots effort launched to assist Hawaii’s kupuna

By Staff | Apr 9, 2020

HONOLULU With the COVID-19 pandemic, Hawaii’s kupuna, or elderly population, need help now more than ever. Social distancing and stay-at-home orders are most crucial for persons over the age of 60, as they are most susceptible to develop serious complications due to the virus.

Kupuna Kare is a grassroots volunteer network aimed at delivering non-emergency supplies to those in this high-risk group. Supplies include groceries, prepared food, toiletries and household goods.

Volunteers would be matched with kupuna by geographic location and put in direct contact. Volunteers and kupuna can work out their individual details, such as their shopping/food list and appropriate reimbursement. A point of contact in each county would maintain a list of volunteers and kupuna.

“We believe that it is our duty to help our most vulnerable people, our elderly. Kupuna Kare is a grassroots network of volunteers willing to assist our elderly and disabled population with non-emergency errands, such as grocery shopping or picking up take-out food from one of our many restaurants in the community,” said Kurt Osaki, one of the many founders behind this movement

“This effort will also serve to support local businesses, getting their safe and needed products out to the community who needs them. The COVID-19 crises will, and has, affected everyone. Our success will be measured by how much we can help others.”

Volunteers will be encouraged to provide Kupuna or persons with disabilities with menus for take-out foods in the community.

To minimize interaction and maximize safety, all necessary precautions, such as sanitizing, protective gear and maintaining appropriate distance, will be taken.

For more information, visit kapunakare.com.

Volunteers in each county are needed. To volunteer, e-mail volunteer@kupunakare.com, phone (808) 469-0054 or find KupunaKare on Instagram and Facebook.