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‘Hau‘OLE’ La Hanau!

By Staff | Dec 12, 2019

Friends and fans of Bob “OLE” Olson (center) gathered at Lahaina Jodo Mission on Nov. 27 to celebrate his 90th birthday. PHOTO BY DOOMAPHOTOS.

LAHAINA – A celebration for Bob “OLE” Olson’s 90th run around the sun was held at Lahaina Jodo Mission on Nov. 27. A perfect location, as Mala Wharf is one of OLE’s favorite surf spots.

It was an amazing gathering of approximately 150 friends and fans of one of the greatest surfboard shapers in the history of board building.

Affectionately known as “OLE,” he is believed to be the oldest living shaper still mowing foam at his shop just off Limahana Place in the Lahaina Industrial Area.

Olson, who was inducted into the International Board Builders Hall of Fame in 2010, is a true living legend in the history of surfing.

Bob still drives his classic Carolina blue 1963 ChevrOLEt pickup truck to the shop Monday through Friday.

Cheers to a long life of doing what you love in a community that appreciates the skills and artistry of a master shaper. We love you, OLE!