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Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui launches new ‘Great for Maui’ campaign

By Staff | Nov 21, 2019

“From Puakukalo to Lahaina, Central Maui and Kihei, Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui welcomes Maui youth during those tricky times when kids are out of school and parents are at work,” said Kelly Pearson, Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui CEO.

KAHULUI – Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui (BGCM) is reaffirming its commitment to island families with a new public relations campaign: “Great for Maui.”

The campaign embraces the goal of the national organization Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) to do “Whatever It Takes to Build Great Futures” to help youth succeed.

BGCM has added its own strong perception that what is great for keiki is great for our island as a whole.

“Our goal has always been to help Maui kids, especially those who need us most, to recognize their own potential as citizens of our community,” said BGCM Chief Executive Officer Kelly Pearson.

“During those tricky hours when school is out but parents are still at work, we provide a place for kids to go where they know they belong and where they are working toward a future goal. Programs like Character & Leadership Development give our members life skills and a sense of empowerment, and that’s why we hear over and over again that ‘Boys & Girls Clubs saved my life!’ Our programs really can make that difference.”

BGCM has been active here in Maui County since 2000, serving more than 2,200 youth every year, as well as another 7,000 through outreach. Still, many more young people could be benefiting from Boys & Girls Clubs programs.

Following a July 2019 survey that indicated clubs are “well-known but not known well,” BGCM began to take measures to increase overall visibility and effectiveness within the community.

The new public relations campaign focuses on three areas – families, business and community – that exemplify how BGCM is “Great for Maui.”

BGCM is also “Great for Families,” as it gives working parents a safe and affordable (membership is only $5 a year) after-school solution and strengthens the family structure.

“Great for Business” means that BGCM provides amazing opportunities for investment in the next generation of citizens – from workers and employees, to business leaders and entrepreneurs.

And finally, “Great for Community” results from members learning the values of kindness and empathy and how embracing each others’ differences and working together leads to a stronger community.

As a solid employer, BGCM is also Great for Maui! The organization is proud to create jobs for approximately 60 people in Maui County.

The organization relies on grants and private donations in order to continue to offer a range of award-winning programs to youth at eight locations around the island, including Lahaina.

“We’re excited about this campaign as a way to tell our story with fresh, updated, Maui-centered materials and visuals,” Pearson said.

“We want to inform and educate potential donors, corporate partners, prospective members and the general public about our positive impact on families, business and communities. In so many ways, we are ‘Great for Maui!’ “

For more information, visit www.bgcmaui.org.