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Vicki White, ‘The Science Lady,’ visits Sacred Hearts School

By Staff | Nov 7, 2019

Vicki White, “The Science Lady,” shared experiments with Sacred Hearts School seventh- and eighth-graders on Oct. 22.

LAHAINA – On Oct. 22, Vicki White, “The Science Lady,” visited the seventh and eighth grade classes of Sacred Hearts School Lahaina for an exciting surprise session!

Ms. White covered basic geology, chemical reactions and how they connect. During the session, students got to concoct their own erupting fissure-fed lava plateaus with instruction and supervision.

To create the chemical reaction of a fissure-fed lava plateau, we mixed two solutions and then combined them. The first solution was a mixture of aluminum sulfate, water and red coloring. The second was a combination of sodium bicarbonate, water, yellow coloring and liquid detergent. When both solutions were combined, the gasses trapped and pressurized by the liquid detergent eventually released, in turn creating a miniature eruption.

Ms. White’s sessions are entertaining and educational science lessons that foster an interest in science within the classroom using interactive and hands-on activities. I usually find myself engaged in the topics she covers with her excitable manner and bubbly attitude afterwards. I now wonder about the flammable and inflammable properties of rocks!

Ms. White is currently on tour until Nov. 9, 2019. Look out for updates for summer 2020 science camps. More dates and information are available on her website, Vicky White The Science Lady.

I believe that science is important because it is incorporated in everyday activities and applications. Science is invaluable to our healthcare, safety and overall survival, as it’s a foundation that helps people evolve, discover and predict the technical consequences of our possible decisions.

The middle school students of Sacred Hearts are grateful that Ms. White visited our school to share her knowledge and love of science. We hope that she will continue to tour and spread her passion for science to others for as long as possible!