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Pavers, paths to be repaired in Banyan Tree Park

By Staff | Sep 6, 2018

The project will improve walkways while mitigating the impact of the paths on the roots of the 145-year-old tree.

LAHAINA – The many uneven pavers and uplifted paths at Banyan Tree Park in Lahaina will be repaired during an improvement project that began on Aug. 28. This project is funded by a grant from the County of Maui Parks Department and is being managed by Lahaina Restoration Foundation.

The park will remain open to the public during the repairs, but no special events will be scheduled during construction. Betsill Brothers LLC is the contractor.

Banyan Tree Park is a very popular place due to the immense amount of shade it provides in sunny Lahaina. The tree’s unique aerial root structure and size draw visitors from far and wide.

With the tree now 145 years old, it has become one of the largest banyan trees in the United States.

According to LRF, the stated goal of the project is to reduce the incidents of “slip and fall” accidents in Banyan Tree Park through improved and safer walkways while mitigating the impact of the walkways on the roots of the tree.

Utilizing plans from renowned Urban Arborist Steve Nimtz, the contractor will be removing pavers in close proximity to tree roots. In other areas where the sidewalk is lifting due to the growth of roots beneath it, new paths will be created farther away from the tree trunks.

The main entrance to the park at the corner of Front and Hotel streets will also get a facelift. New pavers, new planters and a new path leading directly into the park will create a sense of place at this important juncture.

During construction, the tree, the park and the park entrance to the Old Lahaina Courthouse will remain accessible to all.

Theo Morrison, executive director of Lahaina Restoration Foundation, said, “We are excited about starting this improvement project!

“The health of the tree, the safety of the pedestrians and the beautification of this park in the heart of the historic district are our priorities.”

If anyone has any questions or concerns, they can contact Lahaina Restoration Foundation at 661-3262. LRF appreciates everyone’s patience while the work is underway.