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Storm drain stenciling slated on July 14 in Lahaina

By Staff | Jun 14, 2018

The last Storm Drain Stenciling Community Event was held in Napili on April 14

LAHAINA – The next Storm Drain Stenciling Community Event is scheduled in Lahaina on Saturday, July 14.

West Maui Kumuwai is looking to enlist neighborhoods from the Lahaina area.

“We had been hoping to stencil the Front Street area based on multiple requests and suggestions by community members, but due to its designation as a historical district, we’ll be unable to stencil Front Street between Shaw and Papalaua streets. Instead, we’ll aim to stencil outside this area at nearby business and residential sites,” noted Liz Foote of West Maui Kumuwai.

If you, your family, youth group (ages 12 and up), school club or community association is interested in participating, or to suggest an area to be tagged, e-mail WestMauiKumuwai@gmail.com or call (808) 283-1631.

West Maui Kumuwai will seek permission from the County of Maui and any homeowners’ associations/neighborhoods that would like to participate. The environmental organization hopes to establish some sites and teams in advance.

The County of Maui’s storm drain stencils feature an image of Hawaii’s State Fish, the humuhumunukunukuapua’a (reef triggerfish), in addition to the “no dumping” message.

Storm drain stenciling raises awareness that Maui’s storm drains empty directly into the ocean, bringing with them all the pollutants that accumulate on land and run off during storm events or as a result of irrigation practices.

These pollutants range from oil leaking from poorly-maintained vehicles, excess fertilizer from landscaping activities, sediments loosened due to erosion and other forms of land-based pollutants carrying substances that ultimately harm Maui’s nearshore reef ecosystem.

More on this and other events can be found on the West Maui Kumuwai Facebook page.