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Elle Cochran files papers to run for mayor

By Staff | Mar 8, 2018

Fourth term West Maui County Councilwoman Elle Cochran recently filed papers to run for mayor.

WEST MAUI – Fourth term West Maui County Councilwoman Elle Cochran recently filed papers to officially enter the race for Maui’s next mayor.

Four-term chair of the Infrastructure and Environmental Management Committee, Cochran is “recognized for addressing complex issues and for being the voice of the people and the environment in Council Chambers,” a press release noted.

Cochran worked in the hospitality industry and is co-owner of Maui Surfboards, the oldest surf shop on Maui (1966).

Her first experience with community organizing and policy was when she founded the Save Honolua Coalition, an organization that successfully protected Honolua Bay/Lipoa Point from development.

The success she experienced while steering leadership through action compelled her to run for County Council in the 2009 election.

In her eight years as a council member, she has worked effectively to introduce and pass a myriad of legislation, including, but not limited to, a resolution to expand recycled water infrastructure and phase out the use of injection wells; banning polystyrene food containers; started a pilot project for county parks to find alternatives to pesticides; reserved a Planning Commission seat for a Hawaiian cultural advisor; introduced legislation to ban Oxybenzone products; passed approved funding for third party illegal short-term rental unit identification and enforcement; passed legislation recognizing La Kuokoa, Hawaii’s Independence Day; introduced legislation requiring buffer zones for restricted use pesticides; and successfully passed the Central Maui inland sand dune moratorium. (For a complete list of Cochran’s legislative work, visit elle4mayor.com/meet-elle.)

“Many of the housing, environment and infrastructure issues that Maui County is facing are managed directly by the mayor. These islands deserve an administration that challenges the status quo and the systems that created the problems we face today. I have a proven track record for progressive policy and focus which breeds results. I have action plans ready to implement that will increase our truly affordable housing inventory and make that housing affordable forever. I have created a sustainable tourism plan which will mandate the implementation of key Maui Island Plan action items to mitigate tourism infrastructure impacts,” she said.

“As mayor, I will hire a professional county manager as managing director, who will help select and manage qualified professionals to head each of the administrative departments. Our departments and staff are the backbone of this county that keep our core services running smoothly. My vision and action plan for moving Maui County forward will benefit exponentially from partnering with a professional county manager. I am looking forward to advancing our organizational structure away from politically favored appointees.”

At press time, Kahului Councilman Don Guzman and former Councilman Mike Victorino had also filed to run, and Beau Hawkes, Orion Kopelman and Ricordo Medina pulled papers.