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New scholarship remembers Mason Kekoa Nava Macloves

By Staff | Dec 22, 2016

Mason Kekoa Nava Macloves’ family and friends humbly ask for the public’s help by making a donation to the Mason Kekoa Scholarship and by sharing his story.

LAHAINA – On June 5, 2015, Almarie Nava and Brad Macloves welcomed their first child, Mason Kekoa Nava Macloves. Despite being born early at 33 weeks, Mason was an otherwise very healthy baby. He was full of life, happy, lovable, had a smile and laugh that anyone would love, and stole the hearts of those he met. He was surely the light of his parents’ life.

On Jan. 25, 2016, Mason underwent a surgical procedure to fix a non-life threatening and common condition, where chances of complications were less than 3 percent.

Unfortunately, Mason contracted an infection that spread to his blood and just days later went into septic shock. He ultimately passed from complications due to organ failure on Feb. 3, 2016. Mason was just two days shy of turning eight months old.

The employer of Mason’s father, Admor HVAC Products Inc., has created a scholarship in his memory with the University of Hawaii Foundation.

The Mason Kekoa Scholarship will benefit a 2017 graduate of Lahainaluna and/or Mililani High School that will attend any college within the University of Hawaii school system. The scholarship will assist a deserving student with tuition, books and other various expenses.

“When Mason was born, our ambitions in life shifted to focus on him and being able to provide him with every opportunity to help realize his future dreams. With his passing, our goals have remained the same, but instead we are now working toward creating an opportunity for someone else,” said Almarie, a 2001 graduate of Lahainaluna High School.

“With our efforts, we also hope to share Mason’s story and bring awareness to sepsis, a serious and often deadly condition that is treatable with early diagnosis. Before this we have never heard of it, and by sharing, we hope that it helps someone identify the symptoms and ultimate save their loved one.”

To learn more about Mason, or to donate to or apply for the scholarship, visit www.masonkekoa.com or like Mason’s page at Facebook.com/ MasonKekoa.