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Maui Prep awards HAIS Vision and Educator of the Future honors

By Staff | Jun 9, 2016

In partnership with the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools (HAIS), Maui Prep introduced two new prestigious awards: the HAIS Vision Award, won by Elizabeth James, and the HAIS Educator of the Future Award, given to Branden Hazlet.

NAPILI – On Friday morning, May 20, Maui Preparatory Academy held its annual awards assembly, recognizing students for their citizenship, academic progress and academic achievement.

In partnership with the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools (HAIS), Maui Prep introduced two new prestigious awards: the HAIS Vision Award and the HAIS Educator of the Future Award.

The Vision Award goes to outstanding students who demonstrate how they have furthered the HAIS vision by preparing themselves and/or others for the challenges of life and social responsibility.

There are five criteria for the Vision Award. The first is “diversity” – the winner of the award celebrates the gifts of each person and creates a space where all people are respected and honored. The second is “social justice” – the winner cares about justice for humans and all living things, working for justice at the local and/or global level through direct service and social change, such as political action, community organizing or advocacy.

The third quality is “leadership” – the winner helps those he or she leads to create a vision and move through change based on group values, and the winner leads within the framework of the school and other communities, making positive contributions through intentional planning and effort.

The fourth is “care” – the winner demonstrates genuine care for others in attitude, interaction, and involvement. The fifth is “integrity” – the winner of this award must be involved in activities that promote integrity through social justice, peace, religious, racial and/or cultural harmony, have the ability to inspire and lead others to distill their values; actively display principles and ideals translating into actions; and be committed to the ethical dimensions as related to the core values fostered at the school.

The first-ever Maui Prep recipient of the HAIS Vision Award is Elizabeth James, member of the Class of 2017.

Principal Ryan Kirkham commented, “Elizabeth is well-respected by younger students, her peers and the Maui Preparatory faculty. Aside from the usual positive examples she sets in class and in the swimming pool, Elizabeth really sets herself apart through her leadership of the Rotary Interact Club, of which she is the president. Two highly successful projects that stand out, thanks to Elizabeth’s leadership, are raising funds and goods for an orphanage in Oaxaca, Mexico, and acquisition of financial and human resource support in making and serving food at a local homeless shelter.”

The HAIS Educator of the Future Award supports and echoes the National Association of Independent Schools’ principles for teachers, which are to: 1) promote initiatives in equity and justice, global perspectives and educational technology, so that these elements have an even greater profile in schools of the future, 2) research new approaches and develop capacity to access best thinking and practices, 3) project and predict new ways of teaching and learning, and 4) capitalize on new technology, learning and communicating.

Recipients of this award meet the following criteria. The first is “leadership” – the winner has successfully led a school or community to engage with, design and implement a solution for significant need, problem or challenge. The second is “creativity” – the winner questions the status quo and seizes an opportunity to develop a new program, system, etc., that creatively furthers the strategic mission of the organization.

The third is “culture” – the winner promotes a culture of questioning, positivity and optimism, risk taking and discovery focused on constant improvement within the organization. The fourth is “delivery” – the winner exhibits excellence in communicating by engaging stakeholders with the innovative initiative in both clear and compelling ways. The fifth is “impact” – the winner is able to share an engaging explanation of the immediate and longer-term impact the innovation has on the organization to support and inspire innovative practice within the independent school community.

The first Maui Prep faculty recipient of the HAIS Educator of the Future Award is Branden Hazlet.

According to Maui Prep Head of School Dr. Jonathan Silver, “Maui Prep owes so much of its great success during its first ten years to Branden Hazlet. Branden was essential to Maui Prep earning recognition from the Hawaii Community Foundation as one of Hawaii’s Schools of the Future for five consecutive years.

“Branden launched Maui Prep’s very successful robotics program, with the 2014-2015 iPueo middle school team earning in its very first year a state championship and then going on to compete very successfully in international competition. Branden was largely responsible for Maui Prep’s successful adoption of the Google Apps for Education platform. Branden has also been serving as the first director of Maui Prep’s Center for Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (CCIE), which provides organizational oversight for a number of programmatic STEAM initiatives. On the side, Branden has also built the dorm furniture for Maui Prep’s boarding program.”