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Maui Humane Society launches 24-Hour Animal Response Hotline

By Staff | Apr 21, 2016

Debbie Redd (left) and Denise Riggs at work during a dog rescue.

PUUNENE – Last year, Maui Humane Society received more than 300 phone calls from the West Side requesting animal emergency response and reporting of animal cruelty and neglect during its normal operating hours.

Last week, MHS an-nounced that residents of Maui now have a 24-Hour Animal Response Hotline to call when they see domestic animals, livestock or equine in need of help. The number is (808) 877-3680, extension 211.

“Last year, we responded to an average of 294 calls from the public each month, 41 of which were calls from residents reporting animals that required emergency care, or were aggressive, incapacitated or needed to be seized during our open hours,” said Jerleen Bryant, chief executive officer of Maui Humane Society.

“We continuously receive messages from residents about animal emergencies after hours, so implementing the 24-Hour animal response service is critical. It will allow us to respond and assist the public and animals in a timely manner around the clock.”

Residents are encouraged to call the 24-Hour Animal Response Hotline if they witness aggressive, trapped, injured or loose animals (with or without collars) or to report suspicion of neglected or abused animals. Signs of a neglected and/or abused animal are no food, shelter or water; coat is missing hair or severely matted; ribs or other bones showing through the fur; living in feces; open sores; or broken bones.

Humane Enforcement Officers responding to calls are trained and certified to determine when violations of humane laws occur, handle injured animals, administer drugs to alleviate pain from injury and seize animals when necessary to secure the safety of both residents and animals.

All Humane Enforcement Officers at Maui Humane Society go through an extensive and ongoing training program.

Maui Humane Society puts every effort toward finding owners of the lost and injured animals that are picked up. If no owner is found, once they have healed from their injuries, they are placed up for adoption or transferred to another shelter or rescue (many of which are on the Mainland) that can help them find new homes.

The 24-Hour Animal Response Hotline is not for reporting stray chickens, wild or game animals (pigs, deer or birds), unless residents feel their safety is at risk.

For more information on the 24-Hour Animal Response Service, schedule your pet for a spay/neuter surgery, volunteer, donate, or learn more information about Maui Humane Society and upcoming events, call 877-3680 or visit www.mauihumane.org, www.facebook.com/MauiHumaneSociety, or @mauihumane on Twitter.