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Maui Preparatory Academy Science Olympiad teams preparing for state meet

By Staff | Mar 5, 2015

The Upper School Science Olympiad team is coached by Nathan Bulat.

NAPILI – Maui Preparatory Academy’s Science Olympiad Middle and Upper School teams once again earned top honors at the recent Science Olympiad competition.

Both teams walked away with first place trophies and numerous medals, and the Upper School team won the coveted Mayor’s Trophy.

Middle School coach Carrie DeMott and Upper School coach Nathan Bulat were each awarded the “Coaching Excellence Award” in their respective divisions as well.

The regional competition, held at the University of Hawaii Maui College, was organized by Flaviana Ancheta.

Maui Prep competed for the first time in both divisions B and C, with its first-ever Upper School team. There were 12 events in each division that covered life, earth, and physical science challenges.

Carrie DeMott coaches the Middle School team.

Despite the small size of the school, the Middle and Upper School teams are going to the state competition for the sixth consecutive year.

The teams now begin preparation for the state competition on Oahu on Saturday, March 14. Maui Prep will compete against the top teams from each island.

It is sure to be an exciting and challenging event, and the students are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to improve their understanding of advanced scientific concepts.

The Middle School team includes Jerone Samari, Eva Kareneva, Chloe Chin, Amelia Graham, Sydney Snyder, Jolene Munch, Mingyang He, Logan Twigg, Kilakila Parnel and Malia Paulino.

Upper School students who competed included Danielle Bergson, Cassidy Otto, Griffin Sagar, Jonah Bluh (co-captain), Coleman Kingwell, Jessica Kingwell, Sammi Shoemaker, Lexi Leon, Zac Giles, Joshua Ancheta, Alexa Narayan (co-captain) and Suniva Thangaraj.

None of this success could have been realized without amazing parent support. The teams and coaches thanked Mary Beth Chin and Krishna Narayan, who served as parent coaches.

In the first year Maui Prep students competed in a High School Division, they achieved ten first place results out of a possible 12.

The Middle School has also consistently put forward a top contending team into the Science Olympiad competition, and the school runs special Lower School science classes to engage the students with critical thinking skills.

Lower School students are encouraged to not just read about science topics but to engage in hands-on activities, laying the foundation for continued success in the Middle and Upper School sciences.

Maui Prep recognizes the importance of the sciences in regard to prospective careers for students, but also for skills involved like problem solving and teamwork. This directly results in the continued success in competitions such as the Science Olympiad.

For more information about the Science Olympiad, visit www.hsso.org.