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Show teaches important message to Sacred Hearts students

By Staff | Dec 4, 2014

Students at Sacred Hearts School enjoyed Al “The Respect Guy” Ulman’s ROAR (“Respect Others Act Responsibly”) show.

LAHAINA – “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” It’s a simple message, but it has profound effects when put into practice.

Sacred Hearts School students in grades 2-5 were recently treated to the ROAR (“Respect Others Act Responsibly”) show.

Al “The Respect Guy” Ulman is a renowned Lahaina magician. His ROAR show uses his magic skills to communicate an important message in an impactful way that keiki will never forget.

The children were captivated as Ulman used magic and audience participation to bring a serious message to the students.

ROAR is an educational, enrichment talk that promotes respect, responsibility, using good manners and bullying prevention.

The show fits perfectly with one of the stated goals of Sacred Hearts School: to teach all students that they are active participants, not just passengers, on this journey of life, with a shared responsibility to love and protect their neighbor and the world they live in.

The students loved the show. Jack Devane, a fifth-grader, said, “I liked how he incorporated magic into something more important, like anti-bullying.”

Second-grader Anuhea Coon said, “It was cool when he told the story of when he was a boy and broke his neighbor’s window by accident. Everyone thought the man was mean, but he was nice to Al because Al showed him respect (and told the truth).”

Sacred Hearts Principal Susan Hendricks encourages other Maui schools to try the ROAR show and spread its message of respect and responsibility.

“When students respect themselves and each other, they tend to achieve more, both academically and in terms of social skills and development,” she said.

“I enjoy using my magical skills to teach children the ROAR fundamentals,” Ulman said, “but my motivation is that, hopefully, I make a difference in the life of a child and help him or her to develop into a successful, respectful, polite adult.”

For information, visit www.sacredheartsschool.net or www.theRoarshow.com.