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Susty Pacific offering guidance for Lahainaluna stadium project

By Staff | Sep 18, 2014

Kainoa Casco

LAHAINA – Malama pono is the highly revered Hawaiian cultural philosophy that translates to nurturing in a motherly way that which is good and righteous. A new business venture here in the islands promotes that particular approach in development to benefit in a positive way the generations of the future.

In early 2013, Lahaina’s Kainoa Casco and business partner Dr. Jennifer Chirico saw the need for a local consulting company to aid Hawaii companies making the transition to adopt greater sustainability and corporate responsibility practices. Most Hawaii companies were sourcing consultants from the Mainland and beyond to find sustainable business plans.

Casco and Chirico formed Susty Pacific LLC to become a Hawaii-based firm specializing in responsible business and sustainability consulting.

Casco is a Lahainaluna High School graduate who went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Portland State University and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco.

He has worked in sustainability in Oregon, Maine, Utah, Alaska and Hawaii with organizations in banking, utilities, real estate development, transportation, agriculture, tech, government and sports.


Casco, Susty Pacific’s chief responsibility officer, has made it his mission to be a local expert in business sustainability using a placed-based approach specific for the Hawaiian Islands.

Dr. Chirico, who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management, a Master’s Degree in Public Health (major in Environmental Health) and a Ph.D. in Environmental Policy, is Susty Pacific’s president.

She was most recently executive director of the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) at the University of Hawaii Maui College.

Chirico was a senior business consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton and an investment consultant with Hewitt Associates providing consultation to the IRS, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, non-profits and Fortune 250-500 companies.

It is a unique combination of expertise, passion, experience and integrity that Casco and Chirico bring to the business landscape of Hawaii.

Lake Casco

Susty Pacific integrates business and sustainability objectives to provide solutions that address the reality of business needs and communication with stakeholders.

To date, their projects have involved the hospitality, government, real estate development and nonprofit sectors.

One such project is helping to shape sustainability at the new Lahainaluna athletic stadium.

Susty Pacific was contacted by the Lahainaluna High School Foundation to help it meet state requirements, specifying certain green building and sustainability standards for the project.

Through collaboration with Harmon Architects and others on the project team – including LHS graduates Alex Pinto, a current intern with Susty Pacific, and Lake Casco, Kainoa’s younger brother – the hope is that the stadium and its users will adopt best practices in waste, energy, transportation, materials, water, indoor air quality and concessions purchasing.


Initiatives include efficient lighting, low-flow water fixtures, recycling and composting, responsible purchasing of foodware, and preferred parking for carpools and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Susty Pacific aims to guide organizations in Hawaii to achieve greater sustainability and corporate responsibility through their services in business planning, communications and engagement, assessments, metrics, management systems, reporting and governance.

To learn more about Susty Pacific, visit “http://www.sustypacific.com/”>www.sustypacific.com/.