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Sacred Hearts School alumni are college-bound

By Staff | Sep 4, 2014

College-bound graduates of Sacred Hearts School received a blessing before heading off to school.

LAHAINA – Parents cried and children cheered as Sacred Hearts School alumni from the Class of 2010 recently returned home to their school cafeteria for a blessing before heading off to college.

In a heartfelt address by Principal Susan Hendricks, all college-bound freshmen were wished well on their exciting new journey.

After telling the school kids and teachers where they are headed and what they will be studying, the alumni circled up for another blessing and chant by Wilmont Kahaialii, the Hawaiian Studies instructor at Sacred Hearts School.

“This is such an important time for our alumni, and we want them to know that they have our full support, that we are proud and that they are always welcome here,” said Alumni Coordinator Joanna Stockham.

Alumni at the event included Leimana Hassett, who is going to Whittier College; Alicia Huliganga (University of Hawaii, Manoa); Isabella Jorgensen (American University, Washington D.C.); Nalu Laurel (California College of the Arts); Stephanie Lawless (San Diego State University); Amanda Mayer (University of Hawaii Maui College); Johnny McCrea (Santa Barbara City College); Kim Nguyen (University of Colorado, Denver); Rachael Nguyen (Chapman University); Kamaka Pamat (Refrigeration School Institute-RSI); Dylan Rabanal (Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Portland); Christian Whitehead (Ventura College); Misha Whitehead (U.H. Maui College); and Rhett Wiseman (U.H. Maui College).