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Business on the Grill coming to Lahaina for the first time

By Staff | Aug 14, 2014

The July Business on the Grill Meeting was held at the Maui County Business Resource Center in Kahului.

LAHAINA – How would you like to have your business “grilled” by other owners? Based on the experiences of business owners in the past year, it’s rewarding.

Maui Business Brainstormers (MBB) announced that West Maui’s first Business on the Grill will be held at the Pioneer Inn in Lahaina on Wednesday, Aug. 20, from 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The meeting is free. Seating is limited, and online registration is required.

David Kapaku and Trisha Anderson will host the meeting. Both also contribute to MBB as co-organizers.

MBB Business Coach Mike Kern said, “The brainstorming grill is to help businesses present their challenges to the group for ideas on overcoming these constraints. The business being grilled also receives many new ideas from members to help grow their business. This helps to shed positive light to the business being grilled.

“This session also helps members to brainstorm their own business challenges at the same time. Thinking is critical to business owners, and this exercise opens those channels for more clarity.”

The idea is simple: an owner whose business needs to grow but faces challenges presents his or her situation. Being “on the grill” is a supportive interchange of questions, constructive criticism, insights, ideas and suggestions offered by business owners in attendance. As a result, all participants learn from each other.

MBB Business on the Grill was launched in January 2013 and meets at the Maui County Business Resource Center on the second Tuesday of each month.

Interest in MBB meetings has been increasing. For over a year, MBB has received members’ requests to take its Business on the Grill meetings to the West Side, so more businesses can participate.

To make any MBB initiative a quality one, volunteers work behind the scenes investing their time and creativity. MBB receives additional support in sponsorships from businesses that see the vision and understand the importance of contributing to the positive growth and future of Maui’s economy.

The business sponsors for the Lahaina event are the Pioneer Inn, A Big Wow via Grace Fung (MBB member since January 2012), RJK LLC via Richard Kehoe (MBB member since April 2012) and the Hawaii Health Connector. They have secured the venue and will provide pupus.

For more information, and to register for the Lahaina meeting, visit www.meetup.com/MauiBusinessBrainstormers.