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‘Local Surfers Local Lens’ event to support Honolua Bay Stewardship

By Staff | May 15, 2014

“For a surfing photographer, it’s the pinnacle to get the cover of Surfer Magazine,” said Damian “Dooma” Antioco.

LAHAINA – The sixth annual “Local Surfers Local Lens” event is at 6 p.m. next Saturday night, May 24, at Lulu’s Lahaina.

Benefiting the Honolua Bay Stewardship, it’s the raffle happening of the year, with the “Who’s Who” list of contributors coming from all quarters of the island.

Waveriders of all ages gather together for this standing-room-only celebration, featuring the best surfing shots of the year taken by professional Damian “Dooma” Antioco, CEO of Dooma Photos.

“I start every September fresh on my computer – September to pretty much April, I stop. This winter I got like 36,000 pictures on my computer, but only 1,000 make the cut of the slide show. It has to be an A-plus shot,” Dooma advised.

“Everybody’s A-plus is different,” Dooma observed. “I try to get everybody in the slide show. The kids like seeing themselves on the screen.”

We’re all kids at heart, and the age level ranges from three to 80.

“I got everybody in a folder from A to Z – over about 200. At the end of the winter, I will give everybody a CD with all their pictures on ’em. I just give it to ’em; it’s a gift.”

Dooma spends a lot of time in “secret cliff zones,” as much as four hours and sometimes eight when the waves are good.

Antioco recently captured the cover of a major surfing publication, with a shot of Albee Layer taken at Jaws early this year from one of his secret spots.

“For a surfing photographer, it’s the pinnacle to get the cover of Surfer Magazine,” he added, with justified pride.

Dooma’s talents are extensive, reaching into the heart of the community water world.

The brainchild of the “Local Surfers Local Lens” annual fete, Dooma organizes the benefit, and it is no simple task.

“I collect all the prizes – that’s the hardest part; that’s the most work. I have a huge list. I keep my list from last year; then every year, more people add,” he said.

Check out his Facebook page (Dooma Photos 6th Annual Slide Show Party and Fundraiser For Honolua And Beyond); it’s like gridlock, with postings of the hundreds of donations, including massages, hair styling, bikinis, hats, skateboards, surfboards, restaurant certificates, island activities, art, photography, business cards, sunglasses, CDs, collector coins and the list goes on.

It’s a veritable big wave charitable event.

One enthusiast, Amanda Joy Bowens, posted, “Dooma, seriously I think everyone who comes is gonna win something these donations are off the charts.”

Raffle tickets are $5 and “are not pre-sold; then you have to be there to win,” Dooma said.

Dooma is generous and environmentally tuned. “I don’t make a dime off of it; all proceeds go to the Honolua Stewardship,” he explained.

Les Potts is the caretaker of “Honolua Bay and Beyond” and an independent contracting out to Maui Land and Pineapple Co. Inc. as asset manager of the north shore properties.

He cleans the stretch of road from about Honokahua north to “blow hole every day,” organizing Community Work Day, Earth Day and beach cleanup projects.

“I’m on my fifth roll-off this year,” Potts said.

His major focus, however, is the Surfer’s Access Road by (pineapple) Field 53.

The dirt-graveled drive, extending off Highway 30 along the bay to Lipoa Point, needs his constant attention, fiscally as well as physically, especially this year due to the heavy rainfall experienced.

It encompasses “drainage work, so the runoff does not go into the ocean, but goes into the field; relocating the boulders; and re-graveling the road,” Potts said.

The raffle monies collected at the Dooma event are primary in funding these efforts, Potts said. He recalled how the amount has grown over the years from $300 the first year to $6,500 last year.

“All the money from the raffle really, really helps Les out a lot up there,” Dooma advised.

Ron Panzo, owner of Lulu’s, is hosting the event for the sixth year.

“We teamed up with Dooma when we first opened (2008). Lulu’s celebrates ocean sports – surfing in particular. Dooma, he’s a photographer of surfing. It just seemed like a natural fit when we first did it. It was such a big hit, we continue to do it every year,” Panzo reasoned.

“We try to give back to the community,” Panzo added, Dooma-style.

The Saturday night celebration commences at 6 p.m. and continues to 1 a.m. Children are welcome until 10 p.m.

Inna Vision will be playing the early set at 6 p.m., followed by the raffle until 8:30 p.m.

“The actual slide show is from 8:30 to 9:30; and then after the slide show, if we have any more prizes, we continue the raffle again,” Dooma detailed, “and around 10, Sounds of Addiction plays.”

One Facebook follower is stoked: “Can’t wait Dooma! Last year was such a blast, and I’m sure this will be even better!”