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Kathy Corcoran introduces Quantum Touch to the West Side

By Staff | Dec 19, 2013


LAHAINA – As an advocate for personal well-being, Lahaina resident Kathy Corcoran describes herself as a person who loves people and delights in how her heart flows with energy while practicing Quantum Touch, a hands-on healing methodology for the lay person.

She began attending Quantum Touch workshops taught by founder Richard Gordon in 2002 and is now a certified practitioner. Now, she hopes to share this knowledge with the people of Maui.

Corcoran describes Quantum Touch as a healing process of using the life force energy around us that supports life and health. “Quantum Touch teachers tell us that your love has impact, and I personally believe that to say that any disease is incurable is to blaspheme against both God and nature,” she said.

Characterized with a gentle, yet positive, nature, Corcoran has lived her adult life promoting a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. A native of the upper peninsula of Michigan – a land of lakes and beaches that are a far cry from the southern part of the state, according to Corcoran – she arrived on Maui in 1995 with a definitive background in natural healing and life relationships with the universe. She studied Transcendental Meditation and astrology as well as several other avenues in search of finding truth in life to help her develop full potential as a human being.

Here on Maui, she worked at both the Down to Earth and Farmer’s Market natural food outlets, setting up the wellness department at the latter. More recently, Corcoran initiated the “Bonanza Bag” program – a precursor for a food co-op on the West Side – that brings homegrown fresh fruits and vegetables to Lahaina members.

Today, she carries her life campaign for holistic health a step further with the offering of Quantum Touch to the people of Maui.

“Practitioners of Quantum Touch learn how to intensify and accelerate the flow of life force energy in their bodies, creating a field of energy at their hands,” she explained last week. “Breathing and mental awareness are focused for life force energies to help the body heal at its own pace, working with life energy to reduce pain, accelerate healing, move bones back into place, even reverse chronic conditions. All bodies know how to heal – it might happen immediately, or it might take days or weeks or longer. The responses vary.

“This is all done with clothes on and in positions comfortable for both the client and the practitioner. There is no need to lie down unless it is the only comfortable position for the client,” she said.

Corcoran is introducing Quantum Touch to the West Side with treatment available at a donation rate. She will be working out of the Lahaina Massage Therapy office at Dickenson Square, Suite 210. To arrange an appointment, call her at 661-1852.