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Kahana Door of Faith Church property no longer up for sale

By Staff | Nov 1, 2012

Kahana Door of Faith Church was founded by residents some 65 years ago.

KAHANA – The prayers of the congregation at the Kahana Door of Faith Church have been answered.

A sometimes contentious, yet always heartfelt, standoff regarding the status of the Kahana Door of Faith members and the property owners of the church has reached a satisfying and peaceful settlement.

After two years of clasping hands in prayer, interspersed with fearful hand-wringing in worry, the church members are singing praises to the Lord. The owners agreed to take the church property off of the market in a stirring recent development.

Congregation member and spokesperson Michelle Pupunu detailed the turn of events of the past few weeks as an uplifting example of the strength of faith and prayer.

“It has been two years of a lot of negativity, but we kept pressing on and prayed and prayed and prayed. Then, along came a woman by the name of Johanna Brand who brought new light and communication to the situation,” she said.

According to Pupunu, Brand had walked by the Kahana Door of Faith for years reading the “Save Our Church” signs while admiring the quaint oceanside locale of the church.

“She (Brand) had a vision to try to make the situation better… came to join the church and gave testimony of her revelation,” said Pupunu.

“She began communicating with Peter Brostek, the president and representative for the owners, and urged him to come to Maui at the behest of the congregation members,” Pupunu continued.

“In September, he (Brostek) decided to come to Maui to meet with the church members. He came alone, and the meeting turned into a wonderful event of forgiving and love. It was a time of rejoicing, tears, hugging and forgiveness. It was an answer to the constant prayers of the 367 church members.”

Led by Kahu David Kapaku, the Kahana Door of Faith membership embraced Brostek and praised him for the decision to take the church grounds off the market.

Thus, the prayers of deep-rooted families of the Kahana community – such as the Cabato, Lum Lung, Sablas, Kamaka, Smith, Ralar, Camacho, Panlasigui, Kalua, Cabanilla and Hester clans – earned a joyful settlement to their situation through the ultimate power of prayer.