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Court rules in favor of Halloween celebration

By Staff | Oct 30, 2012

WAILUKU – On Oct. 24, Kula resident Richard Dancil sought an injunction against Halloween festivities in Lahaina.

Yesterday, the court denied Dancil’s motion, clearing the way for the organized Halloween events in Lahaina to proceed.

The order was signed by Chief Justice Nakamura and Associate Justices Foley and Ginoza of the Intermediate Court of Appeals.

“I am glad that the court ruled so promptly in our favor,” said Mayor Alan Arakawa.

“Now we can all look forward to a safe, well-organized, family-friendly Halloween event in Lahaina.”

Dancil said that today, Oct. 30, he will file a motion for reconsideration of the appellate order denying a stay of county co-sponsored Halloween events in Lahaina.

A copy of the court’s order and Dancil’s motion are posted with this article.