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Watershed management plan to be reviewed at meeting Tuesday

By Staff | Oct 1, 2012

LAHAINA – “Volume II: Strategies and Implementation of the Wahikuli-Honokowai Watershed Management Plan” is available for review and download at www.kaanapaliwmp.com/participate.html.

Copies are also available at the public libraries in Wailuku and Kahului.

A public meeting will be held Tuesday, Oct. 2, at 6 p.m. at the West Maui Senior Center at 788 Pauoa St. in Lahaina to review this document. All are welcome to attend.

Comments must be submitted by Wednesday, Oct. 31. Download a comment form at www.kaanapaliwmp.com/participate.html, e-mail comments to info@kaanapaliwmp.com, fax comments to (808) 356-0552 or mail them to SRGII (Attn: KKWMP), 111 Hekili St., Suite A373, Kailua, HI 96734.

Volume I of the plan characterizes the land uses and natural features of the Wahikuli and Honokowai watersheds, and identifies land-based pollution sources thought to contribute to a decline in coral health.

Volume II contains strategies for management of the pollutants that adversely impact water quality and the coral reef ecosystem.

Long-term coral reef monitoring studies have shown that coral reefs in northern Kaanapali have declined by as much as 50 percent.

Multiple government agencies, research institutions and non-profits are focusing efforts to understand the cause of the decline and implement solutions from ridge to reef.

Part of this effort is the development of a watershed management plan for the Kaanapali-Kahekili Region, part of a larger West Maui Ridge to Reef Initiative.

The main goals of this plan are to identify sources of land-based pollutants, such as sediments and nutrients, and develop actions to remediate them.

The plan focuses on lands located between the shoreline and mid-elevations of the two watersheds. This area includes primarily urban resort properties and fallow agricultural lands that may be developed in the future. The results will be used to help prioritize actions for implementation.

For more information, contact West Maui Watershed and Coastal Management Coordinator Tova Callender at tovacallender@gmail.com or 214-4239.